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Argon Koha - an S Fighter

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While learning how to change the model of a ship and how S Ships work (they are quite different from the XL ones. more complex i would say) this was made.

I proudly present the first version of the Koha. Its intendet as a Pirate ship as soon as i get better at texturing and stuff. The idea is that Pirates buy a cheap Discoverer, rip out all scout, exploration and compfort equipment to get more unused power and room. Then saw off or weld on some hull and stuff as many guns up its ass as it can handle. Boom, cheap fighter.

Model works fine, no issues reported.

mod goes into C:\Games(or wherever your steam is) \Steam\steamapps\common\X4 Foundations\extensions

u might also check out my other mod, the Split Raptor capital ship