X4: Foundations
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Simple cheat credit script. He adds credit under a defined limit (Default +5M if fall under 1M)
Simple script make for learn MD script.

Permissions and credits

Simple cheat credit script.
He gives to you 5M if you fall under 1M, he gives you +5M on a fresh start too.
For less influence, the script check only every hour.

Simple script makes for learning MD script.

Be careful, this script is a cheat, you can have less fun if you use this mod.

You can change numbers if you want

<check_value value="player.money lt 1000000Cr"/>
<reward_player money="5000000Cr"/>

change the first for the limit where the mod is activated, change the second for the amount given.

For install, just extract ineedmoney.zip into the extensions files of the X4 Foundations root files.
For example mine is:
C:\Games\SteamGame\steamapps\common\X4 Foundations\extensions