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Expands the materials for ported ships from X:R to be more adapted to the new shaders.

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This mod aims at converting the legacy materials from X:Rebirth that are in X4 into the new shader system. This mod is meant to be used in conjunction with mods that port ships from X:Rebirth, however, this does not change or alter any of those mods nor is it dependent on them. This mod adds replacement textures as well as modifying the material_library.xml file to adapt the legacy materials that those ships use. So instead of having diffuse, specular and normal there is now diffuse, metal, smooth and normal maps for those ships. The conversion is not perfect, by any means, so the ships will not be 1:1 with the X:Rebirth counterparts but they do look decent in X4. Also, I don't think you can change the paint style quite just yet, if that's even possible I still don't know.
There are also still legacy materials that I have not converted yet, and I did change a few vanilla materials, so if anything funky shows up where it shouldn't, please let me know.

I may release a version in the future that uses the diffuse files straight from legacy, however these appear very dark in-game so I adapted them based on the vanilla textures.

Recommended to be used with sco's(jenny1234) "ashipmod" otherwise, well, it's not really going to change anything :P

1.1 Update

Removed save file dependency, added replacer for Xenon textures. Xenon use some generic textures, so if it makes anything else look weird let me know.

Explosions Update

Added an optional file for the XR style explosions for M-L-XL ships. Mod is not packed, it only contains the defaults.xml file so hopefully that doesn't cause too many issues. You can find it under the "optional" files.

Place the XRrebirth folder into your X4\extensions folder.

Windows 7

has found a solution for windows 7 users. You will need to have in your X4 folder extensions\XRrebirth\assets and in your documents extension folder XRrebirth\libraries.

I'll also upload a packed version which may help also.