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Additional paintjobs for your ships.

Permissions and credits
I made this mod as a response to X4's original lackluster set of paintjobs. The intent is to make every paintjob a high quality piece of work that doesn't make you feel ashamed of how your ship looks. All of the textures used are made by me. Huge credit to Treacherous Tyrant for his "Paint Jobs for Sale" mod, which helped me understand paintjob-related code in X4 and made this addition possible. Thanks also to Kay Ence for making another mod which makes purchasing paintjobs possible. I will update this mod with new designs whenever I will find inspiration and time to make some :) If you have any ideas but don't have the means to make a paintjob - you can send me a request and if I decide to make it, I will credit you for the idea. Have in mind that X4's paintjobs system has its limits and some non-uniform, non-symmetric designs may be simply not possible, or look good only on handful of ships. Also I won't straight copy any texture/artwork from other game or artist (unless license allows it) as it would be an IP infringment (non-blatant inspiration should be ok though).

DISCLAIMER: I do not allow copying/reusing the designs (textures) in any way (unless I give you permission directly). As for code, you can do whatever you want with it (you don't have to credit me). If you want to reuse the code to make your own paintjob mod, I advise to not reuse the wares/paintjobs names to make your mod compatible with mine and vice versa. My names always start with "f" i.e "fpulse", "fmatte", so the easiest way to ensure compatibility is to choose a different prefix.

I. Requirements
The mod is made to work with Treacherous Tyrant's "Paint Jobs for Sale" and Kay Ence's "Ship Traders Sell Paint Mods". You can use either of the mods or even both at the same time. Paintjobs are available to buy from the traders (they all have a "FP" prefix) - for more information refer to

II. Installation
Copy the folder "Z_FreeqsPaintjobs" along with the content to your X4Foundations/extensions folder. If such folder doesn't exist, create one.

To update the mod, delete the whole folder "Z_FreeqsPaintjobs" and make a fresh install of the newer version.

To uninstall the mod, REMOVE ALL CUSTOM PAINTJOBS FROM YOUR SHIPS and delete the "Z_FreeqsPaintjobs" from your X4Foundations/extensions folder.

III. Contents

Available Paintjobs:
- Rust - gives your ship a slightly rusty look [additional size variants: M]
- Pulse Blue/Purple/Red - slightly inspired by a paintjob from Elite:Dangerous by the same name, consists of glowing (actually just bright and saturated, I don't think it is possible to make a paintjob properly glow in the complete darkness) lines. Looks best on small ships. [additional size variants: M]
- Matte Black/Orange/Yellow/Red/Green/Purple/Blue - Clear colors.
- Damaged Matte Black/Orange/Yellow/Red/Green/Purple/Blue - Clear colors with scratch/damage marks. [4k textures - may affect performance on lower-end machines]
- Metallic Black/Red/Yellow/Green/Purple/White/Blue - Metallic paint.
- Stripes White-Blue/White-Yellow/White-Red [suggested by JamHead82 on Nexus Mods] - Two colored paintjob inspired by colors of ships in SW. Tint version bases on adjustments to default hull color rather than on custom texture. [additional size variants: M, XL] [4k textures - may affect performance on lower-end machines]
- Wireframe Yellow/White - Simple wireframe pattern on a black background. [additional size variants: M] [4k textures - may affect performance on lower-end machines]
- Famous Painter - inspired by Vincent van Gogh's "Starry Night"

NPCs have a random chance of using one of the custom paintjobs (not all of them, but most). Currently there are no differences between factions in types of designs used. They may not appear right away if you are loading an old save, as your world will have already a lot of ships with assigned vanilla paintjobs, but should be fairly noticeable on new saves. If you want to disable this feature, use X Tools to edit \extensions\Z_FreeqsPaintjobs\ext_01.cat archive and remove the file libraries\themes.xml from it

IV. Known Bugs
- If you keep a custom paintjob on your ship and turn off/uninstall the mod, the redesign menu will break. Keeping the paintjobs in your inventory, but off your ships should be fine (but to be sure I still recommend getting rid of them before uninstalling).
- Paintjobs may look different (scaled down) in redesign menu compared to actual game (on bigger ships). Initially I made even larger versions than M based on what I saw in the redesign menu, but they probably aren't needed. You can enable them by uncommenting in my xml files. I don't test all ships, so if you find any that looks good with them, let me know and I will reenable them in next updates.
- Stripes paintjob: while i tried to match as closely as possible colors on standard and Tint version, slight differences may still occur.