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Collection of miscellaneous tweaks aimed to change the feel of the game, while attempting to stay as close to Egosoft's original vision.

Permissions and credits
I wasn't quite happy with how some things felt in the game (mainly combat) so I set out to make things feel a little more..."right".
The mod will comprise a collection of various tweaks I make to my own game as I play through. Currently this is focused around combat, but I hope to add various other tweaks as I come across them.

  • all S shields delay reduced to 20% original values
  • all M shields recharge delay removed
  • Argon/Teladi L/XL shields recharge delay reduced to 1% original values
  • Paranid/Xenon L/XL shields recharge delay reduced to 0.5% original values
  • all projectile speeds increased by 3x (does not include missiles)
  • beam projectile speed increased to 299,792,458 m/s, making them essentially hitscan
  • beam weapons(not turrets) no longer have initial firing heat (but overheat faster to compensate) 
  • beam weapons(not turrets) have no fire delay, and can fire continuously
  • removed the "reload" from all Gatling Gun weapons (can fire continuously)
  • increased damage of all guns (except gatling) by 1.5x
  • (gatling inadvertantly got a 1.5x damage increase when removing the "reload" and I liked the way the increased damage felt)
  • All mk2 versions of guns tweaked to be direct improvements over mk1 versions
  • (all mk2 weapons were improvements in most areas, but actually worse in others)
  • M Beam guns tweaked, damage increased by 1.5x (2.25x total) but heat generation increased by 1.5x
  • gave pulse lasers a steady firerate (no "reload") and reduced their firerate by half (damage increased to compensate)
  • destroyers now use a new weapon for their main battery (railgun) WORK IN PROGRESS
  • all projectile turrets rotatation speed increased by 3x (does not include missiles)
  • L turrets damage equal to 2 M guns, range is 1.5x M gun range
  • M turrets damage equal to 2 S guns, range is the same as M gun range
  • fixed firing sound on gatling turrets and beam turrets
  • removed the "wubwub" impact sound from Spacesuit Repair Laser
  • increased range of the Spacesuit Repair laser by 4x
  • increased the repair rate of Spacesuit Repair laser by 10x
  • spacesuit laser damage increased by 10x (makes breaking locks with spacesuit easily doable)
  • Xenon L laser damage increased by 1.5x, speed increased by 3x, range increased to 10k
  • Xenon M laser damage/range equal to M gatling mk1, heat equal to M pulse laser mk2
  • Xenon S laser has damage between S gatling mk1/2, heat equal to S pulse laser mk2
  • Xenon turrets follow commonwealth turret balance (Xenon M beam equivalent to commonwealth M beam)
  • Kha'ak M beam equal damage/heat to commonwealth M beam mk1, range is 1.5x
  • Kha'ak S beam equal damage/heat to commonwealth S beam mk1, range is 1.5x
Misc Tweaks/Fixes
  • S ships no longer use boost when fighting other S ships
  • Paranid M mining ship allowed to use mining turrets
  • crystals now glow a color according to "rpg rarity" (white, green, blue, purple, orange): thanks to Shuruna's Crystal Finder mod for the idea!
  • bailing no longer causes ship damage when pilots bail
  • bailing now gives a bonus (up to 1.5x chance) when attacking ship has more hull than defending ship
  • "Weapon Output" in the in-game Encyclopedia now displays DPS for ALL weapons (in MW/sec)
  • ALL engines have had boost duration(efficiency) increased 3x (boost uses 3x less shields)

Download the file, extract the "DMT" folder and move it to your extensions folder. 
In case you don't have one yet, simply create it at the base directory of X4, so for a steam user it would be: Steam\steamapps\common\X4 Foundations\extensions

If upgrading from version 1.0 ---> any version
delete the old "DMT" folder and place the new folder in extensions

If upgrading from version 1.1 ---> any version
extract "DMT" folder to extensions and "replace all" when asked

Simply remove the folder, no save game issues whatsoever.

Should be fairly conflict-free, however it will conflict with mods that change anything mentioned in the features section.
This includes (but is not limited to):

Foundations of Conquest and War
Crystal Finder
Mods that affect repair laser
any other shield/weapon balance mods (includes "Gains" mods)

Other Mods I'm Using

Thanks to all the great people on the unofficial Egosoft discord, including (but not limited to):
  • Aftokinito(carmaster)
  • Celludriel
  • UniTrader
  • iforgotmysocks
  • exegenisis
  • Matterom
  • mjr121

Thanks to Shuruna for showing me where crystal colors are

Most of these changes are pretty simple to make yourself, so feel free to use what you like here in your own mod.
I just ask you mention me in your credits ;)