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SPOLER WARNING! Workaround to prevent the destruction of the wrong ship in an early "Main Plot" quest stage.

Permissions and credits
Below you may or may not read details about the (very short) main plot of the game.
If you didn't start it yet, or didn't encounter any problems, please do not read on.

[Target Version: 1.50]
Bug report: Official Forum » [Bug][1.50] Fehler im "Main Plot" (Spoiler!) « Do not read if you don't want to know the mission reward!

The HQ-Mission script tends to sometimes destroy the wrong ship, becaues it doesn't check which ship is at the target position and it doesn't check if the ship contains the prerequisite wares before destruction.

This mod is a crude hotfix that will remove the destruction of the ship altogether, so the player can continue with the mission. Egosoft will probably fix this in a later update, but it's the end of year, nobody's working and... players want proceed! Players want proceed nao!

This mod does nothing else.

It will work even if you just saved right before the explosion took place (like I did once) and may save your current game's progress. Consider to endorse this mod, if it helped you out of this situation :-)

Update: New Version/Fix
Thanks to strask there is another option available that will hopefully fix the mission script. Find his original suggestion here. Hopefully the new (additional) main file will let you fix the mission so it will target the correct ship - supposedly the one with the antimatter cells - and not destruct your ship if it doesn't even qualify as the sacrifice.

However - I just implemented his suggestion and didn't test it yet. It should not do any harm, so please test it and let me know in the comment section if the new mod (called "Main Plot Fix - Correct Destruction") worked for you.

I'll leave my first file (called "Main Plot Fix - No Destruction") online too, since it has proven itself to solve the primary issue of being deadened quite efficiently. However, since it would always leave you with one ship more than the mission designer anticipated, people might consider it a tiny bit cheaty, so I'm happy to have what seems like a proper fix.

You could combine both, but it'd be pointless. Just try if the new "Correct Destruction" package works for you and fall back to "No Destruction" if it doesn't :-)

Recall: False Alarm
While the previous "New Fix" was looking like a sensible thing to do, sadly it doesn't fix the bug where the ships are being destroyed, even if they don't carry the Antimatter Cells. I tried and it was enough for me to just cruise over the mission waypoint with my own ship, which got locked by the mission script and then went boom.
Good news tho: You may still use my first hotfix, which will solve the issue :-)

Please be aware that by using this mod you will be banned from the Beta of the Online-Feature Expeditions. We do not currently know if modified games will be allowed to participate in the future. Using mods - even if they only intend to fix bugs - will flag your save game as ***modified*** and until Egosoft implements an online filter to support modified games, you will not be able to send ships onto expeditions into other player's games. Scram those online features I say, if they divide the community into some vanilla versus modified battleground. Nuff said.