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Now those useless Bugs might even bail - you can take over their ships and/or sell them.

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I don't know why I created this. Maybe because I stumbled upon the setting. I don't recommend this mod, because Kha'ak are ugly and you should not want to own their ships. But who knows - maybe you're a bug-lover after all? In that case: enjoy the mod. I'll try not to judge.

You can
+ shoot at Kha'ak to make them leave their ships
+ send a marine in to capture the ship
+ command your marine-pilot and probably "use" the ship, I guess
+ sell the ship
+ watch friendly Kha'ak ships fly around after you sold them O_o

You can't
- enter the ships yourself, because Kha'ak ships do not have airlocks
- teleport to the ship, because Kha'ak ships do not have a cockpit spawn location
- blame me if something bad happens

Well, I don't even use this mod myself - I just tried once if they bail and if I can send in a marine; it worked. I didn't try what happens if you let the Kha'ak ship dock somewhere. I didn't try if one can walk up to it and do anything with it. I don't know what will happen.

This mod is stupid. Please go away now. There is nothing to see here.