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Remove all illegal flags from inventory items.

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No more illegal inventory items!
We're being illegalized by game mechanics and have only the choice to either miss out on major stuff, or always be on the run from the police and their nasty scanners. So until we get our own pirate's chest, where we can store our booze, there should be no illegal inventory items.

In my opinion the concept of illegal inventory items ain't bad, but no sane person would carry around that stuff all the time. Sure I might need a security hacking device from time to time, but until I really need it, I'd hide it away in a chest that's hidden on a ship that's hidden on a hidden pirate base in some lawless sector. Oui? Even the last winner of the Darwin Award would understand, but sadly the game does not seem to offer such an option. Or I am just too blind to find it? =)

What this mod does
It removes the illegal flag from the AGI Devices, Decryption Modules, Hallucinogenics, Hard Drugs, Security Bypass Systems, Security Slicer, Spacefly Eggs, Spacefly Caviar and Unstable Crystals. Call it your personal, rfid-scan protected wallet, if you like.

What this mod does not
This mod will not change any illegal flags for wares that go into your ship's cargo. If you smuggle weed and get caught, you gotta live with the consequences :p