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Give your ships, fleets and stations their own color! And that in just a few seconds!

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Have you ever lost track of hundreds of ships, dozens of stations, hordes of fleets and they're all... green?
Do you also search for several seconds in the list of your ships until you find your favourite?
Or are you just bored with the list of your wealth, which is about as exciting as an Excel list (and these are now also colored)?

That's over now, because with RS: Colors you can give ships, stations and fleets the color they deserve!

Just radio the pilot, manager or fleet leader, speak to RS: Colors, choose the color you want, done. No fiddling with ship commands or color controls.

Quickstart Guide
  • Use "C" to contact the station manager / fleet manager / ship captain
  • Select "RS:Colors" > Choose Color > Done - takes less than 5 seconds
  • You can change the active color palette at any time via "Colors and options", names that have already been colored are retained
  • There are 3 color themes: Standard, Faction and Personal. Each has 5 palettes of 5 colors - making a total of 75 possible colors
  • The "Personal" theme is completely empty, but you can fill it yourself (see below)
  • Before you change (rename) a colored name, always do a reset (this shipcolor).

Now for the fine print:
  • By coloring names, the beginning of the name changes (invisibly). The sorting then takes place first via the color value and then the name
  • The mod remembers the original (white) name of an object so that it can color it differently later.
  • If you now change a "colored" object by hand and then color it again later, its original name will be restored
  • Remedy: with the mod function "Reset this station/ship/.." the old (white) name is restored and the object from its database
  • And: if you already have something not colored by this mod, it cannot be colored again. Simply delete the name (backspace) and rewrite it.
  • Tested with X4 6.0 and Extended Conversation Menu

For advanced users: create your own color palette and change the sort order.
  • Open RS_Color.xml in an editor (Cook recommends Notepad++ but Microsoft Notepad will do as well).
  • from line 281the color tables are in 8-digit hex code
  • the first two digits are the alpha value (transparency). If you change it a little (!) downwards, you can still change the sorting order
  • the next 6 digits are the hexadecimal RGB value - these can be replaced
  • E.g. on https://html-color-codes.info/webfarben_hexcodes/ you will find color tables that give you the hexadecimal code
  • Please do not make any typos and: make a backup somewhere else so that it is not overwritten with an update or you can copy it back!
  • (Of course you can also turn the whole table upside down if you think you have to, do whatever you want :D )

It is always possible to delete the mod, but to keep the save clean I recommend the following:
  • choose "Reset all settings"
  • save your game
  • leave the game, remove this mod
  • done

  • 22.05.2023 1.12 - Linux compatibility
  • 14.05.2023 1.11 - Reset options/data with security question
  • 06.04.2023 1.10 - 2 new color palettes for faction colors and personal space
  • 05.04.2023 1.00 - First release