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Improved version of Equipment Research and Development by Cycrow
Research&Install equipment @ your Equipmentdocks.
Supports: Synchronization between multiple Researchers; Tunings; Research on HQ's or TS's and some other things, the original cann't.

Permissions and credits
       This script adds the ability to research and develop the various equipment to equip your ships from your equipment dock

       To research, you need to send a ship with the item you wish to research to your equipment dock.
       Then from the station select the option for "Research Equipment" and pick the equipment from the docked ship.
       The research process will take time to complete, and you will lose the use of the ship during the process.
       The researching requires an amount of credits and resources.
       Some credits will need to be paid before starting the researching the rest slowly over time,
       and the resources and taken from the equipment docks hold slowly over time.
       If you don't have enough resources available, the researching will halt and wait for you to supply enough to the equipment dock.
       You can view what resource its waiting for by viewing the Research and Development Menu.
       Your equipment dock can only research one item at a time, but you can have multiple equipment docks each researching something.
       Everything that's researched will be available to all equipment docks, so no need to research each item on each of your docks.
       If you have multiple equipmentdocks researching the same equipment, the required time will be reduced.

     Research and Development Menu:
       There are 2 ways to open up the main menu. Either view the option in the stations command console, this will open up the stations research menu,
       which displays the current progress of the research.You if you have the community plugin configuration package installed,
       then you can open up the global menu via that, which is the same as the station one, without the extra options for that station.
       The menu also displays the current technology you have researched, as well as gives the option to install equipment to the docked ships.

     Installing Equipment:
       To install the equipment that you have researched, you go to the stations RnD menu, and go to the option to install to docked ships.
       This will open a menu displaying all docked ships you own. Select the ships you wish to install the equipment too.
       You can install to as many ships as are docked at the same time.After selecting the ships, you will get to select the equipment to install.
       Installing require requires a small amount of wares, but installation is instant.
       If you have the wares available, then all your selected ships will now have the equipment installed.

     Blueprint Buymission:
       Allows to buy Blueprints from NPC Docks which sell the corresponding technology.

     Recommended Mods:
       Commissioning of new Ships

       Cycrow for the idea and the original Script
       JSDD for the buy blueprint mission