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Changes your crew to all female, including names and voices....

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Original Thread on the official world of tanks forums:

NOTE: This mod should be installed Manually
NOTE: This Mod will work for for every patch, despite the final version being 8.2. If WarGaming makes a massive update that changes either the crew pics, names, or adds a new nation. It will still work, or should. If not, I'll update.

-Will Work on all versions of WoT, Unless something has been changed (Very Unlikely)-
If something is wrong, Please let me know in comments

-The Latest Version simply implies which of the latest WoT Patches I've had to do alterations for.

What I've Done

As the name implies, I have made the crews for all nations into anime females. Pictures, names, and voices. There were 2 other small mods which replaced just the pictures for German and USSR separately. I've combined these into my mod as well. (More info in the Thanks To section)

There is also an Optional File you can download which will change the splash screens to one I made. Look at the Screenshots to see what it looks like.

To Install

1)Unpack the .rar
2) Open the female Crew Pics folder, and follow the instructions
3) Open the female Name Mod, and follow the instructions
4) Open the female Voices folder, and follow the instructions.
5) For more info, please refer to the link to the original post on the WoT forums above 3

Note: Whenever an update is done, if any of the names, etc. get screwed up, please just follow steps 1-5 again, and it should fix itself.

Thanks To:

Even though I started creating this mod, There were 2 mods at the time already out. One for Female anime pictures for USSR and one for Female Anime pictures for German. Thanks to these two people for allowing me to combine them with my full re-make mod, Thanks for keeping my mod unique and different, and most of all Alive

Marseille: USSR Anime Female crew Pictures
Khyron: German Anime Female Crew
RelicShadow: A little random help here and there
TopCombat2: Help with the voices
Daduelist1977: British Pictures secondary

Additions After:

I'm pleased to see people wanting to add their own little variations to my mod ^.^ So here will be the list of mods I've added in as options after my original mod was done ^.^ 3

Marseille: USSR crew pictures option #2
EinstZecksclaw: USA crew pictures option #2