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Just completed an Ace Combat 5: The Unsung War voice pack for World of Tanks. All voices, with the exception of the domination & platoon sound bits, have been replaced - 317, minus the bits I just mentioned. These new sound bits include AWACS Thunderhead, Cpt. Bartlett, Chopper, Edge, Snowman, & various Yuktobanian air and ground units. The sounds are ripped & converted straight from the game so the audio is crisp.
I have also set the sounds to +5.0 Db. I am completely deaf in my left ear so +5.0 Db works great for me, and I also never have my in-game music turned on.

To install:
Just drop the file into world_of_tanks/res_mods/

Sorry for the poor gameplay (recording of a replay), I'll see if I can salvage some better footage, but for now this video should be good enough.

This mod contains data that is copyright protected. The holder of this copyrighted data is ©NBGI. You take full responsibility and hereby acquit Wargamingand, and the mod authors of any responsibility by downloading this mod. This mod is solely for a fair use non-profit purpose!

Thanks to MajorRenegade for very awesome tutorial & huge shoutout to Abandonedintel on the /r/acecombat subreddit for the work he put into to convert these sound files!

Do NOT redistribute!

Thank you & Enjoy - P4NZ3RIV/CipherACE