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Winter Mod is a global modification for World of Tanks that adds winter and the holiday spirit into the game.

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Dec, 26 - updated to 1.02. Fixed the issue in the hangar and Russian title in the loading screen.

Magnet links (full and light versions)

For your comfort the mod has user-friendly installation program, in which you can choose components you want
to install.

The modification has the following components:

1. A core of the modification changes maptextures, adds new objects (such as trees, fairy lights and wreaths) and changes lighting and the skyboxes. It also replaces standard camouflage textures with more appropriate winter camouflages.

2. «Night maps» changes the system oflighting and adds a great number of new light sources to make your gameplay
comfortable at nighttime. The following maps were modified:
  • Himmelsdorf,
  • Ensk,
  • Siegfried Line,
  • Fisherman’s Bay,
  • Winterberg.
3. «Snow-covered tanks» contains custom textures that add snow on the armor of your tanks.

4. «Tank headlights» is an additional component. It adds two dynamic light sources in front of a tank. It is meant to be used on the night maps. You can turn on or turn off the headlights by pressing the «F2» button.

5. «Winter hangar» is a custom holiday hangar.

5.1 «Additional tanks in the hangar» - is a modification of the hangar that shows tanks that were purchased by a
player. ATTENTION: the modification consumes a lot of resources and may result in FPS drops in the hangar.

In the Files section you can find two versions of the Winter Mod: Full (all features mentioned above) and Light (all features except the snow-covered tanks). The latter is smaller (1.7 Gb) and is meant for people with low Internet connection speed.