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This is a mod that adjusts the ratings of units to what I consider to be somewhat more realistic. This is an ancient mod I created some 20 years ago, but is being re-uploaded per request.

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Adjusts unit ratings to be somewhat closer to real world values.

To install this mod in Windows XP, place it in:

c:\Documents and Settings\All Users\Shared Documents\World in Conflict\Mods\Gundugs_Tweaks

In Vista or later, place the mod in:

c:\Users\Public\Public Documents\World in Conflict\Mods\Gundugs_Tweaks

Depending on your setup, the "Shared Documents" or "Public Documents" folders may be displayed as "Documents"

To start the mod, run World in Conflict.  Under Options, choose "Select Mod" and activate Gundug's Tweaks from the menu displayed.  You can then create a multiplayer game to test it out.