Wolfenstein (2009)
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This mod makes dead bodies permanent (normally they get removed quickly) and greatly increases the time that destructed parts of the environment remain before despawning. No other gameplay changes.

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The Carnage mod makes corpses permanent while the player remains in the same level (in the base game, they disappear after about five seconds), and allows an unlimited number of corpses at once (in the base game, only max. five corpses can exist at once). Additionally, there is a version which also greatly increases the time that destructed parts of the environment (boxes, glass, exploded barrels etc.) remain around.

There are currently some other mods that are also supposed to do this, but they either include a lot of other gameplay changes or are buggy and never increase the time substantially. With this mod, corpses remain permanent until you change a level (so the city hub doesn't get cluttered) or load a checkpoint.

Sadly, I have not yet found a way to make bullet holes and blood decals on enemies permanent. I will update this mod if I do.

To install, unpack the downloaded .zip and copy the file Carnage-pak000.pk4 from one of the folders ("only corpses" for permanent corpses only, "corpses and breakables" for both permanent corpses and permanent debris). Paste it into the "base" folder of the game installation (where you should already have assets.pk4 and shaders.pk4).

After that, you need to launch the game with certain parameters. To do that, create a shortcut to the Wolf2.exe. Right-click -> Properties on the shortcut. In the "target" line, add the following behind the shortcut:

+set com_allowconsole 1 +set com_SingleDeclFile 0

Then click OK and always launch the game from that shortcut. The mod only takes effect after loading a new level!

For those more technically interested:

If you further want to mod the game, I recommend using PK4Scape - just doubleclick on the Carnage-pak000.pk4 with PK4Scape active and now you can change individual files in it.

This mod changes the following files:
def/ai/actor.def ("removeOnDeath" set to 0; "minRemoveDelay", "maxRemoveDelay", "maxCorpseCount" and "corpse_check_range" greatly increased)
def/breakables.def ("lifetime" for all breakables increased to 600 seconds)