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Adds new hairstyles, eye options, skin options. As well as a modified UI interface to support these additions.

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--- Character Options ---

This mod adds additional character creation options to truly personalize your offline character, it includes 3 new female haircuts, 4 eye options which also work for online characters, 3 additional skin tones which also work online, as well as 140 additional color hues for your hair.

Notice : This mod is for offline characters only, the parts that are available to online saves are the additional eye and skin colors


1. Download the main file from the files section of this page.

2. Copy the contents of the .zip file to your "Wolcen\Game" directory.

3. Enjoy <3 Alana


This mod will not play nice with any mods that modify the Customize Character Gfx Files, it also modifies character customization umbra files to enable the editions

Known Issues:

i may have broke the hair colours i will look at fixing this soon but for now had to disable them until i can fix.


Character Options By AlanaSP
This mod is for personal use if you would like to integrate into your own mod then feel free but please provide credit.

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