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This overhaul attempts to make the game faster, less tedious and more balanced.
Unlike other Wizardry 8 overhauls this one only aims to improve the base game. No new enemies or locations. Everything is carefully added into the game and written down in the changelog.

Permissions and credits

Less Health for Player Characters
Balanced around Normal difficulty for increased hit chance
Resurrecting Characters is harder/more expensive
Gold is an important resource and is no longer overabundant
Special chests have more unique loot (less bad items in boss chests)
Many Items are harder and less often to find
(e.g. Potions, general loot from chests, Consumables)

Rebalanced Races (some small changes to make them a little better balanced)
Rebalanced Classes (some classes like the Fighter were just far superior than others, increased the flexibilty of some classes)
Rebalanced Spells (e.g. Healing Spells are worse, Higher level spells are better)
Rebalanced Weapons (added some unique effects to underused weapons, some higher level weapons and uniques nerfed)
Rebalanced Alchemy, added 4 new recipes
Added 11 secondary slot weapons (1 new weapon, 10 old weapons)

Increased the respawn timer of all spawns in the game and decreased the respawn chance of many spawns
Removed some spawn points of enemies
The creature level difference of encounter tables is reduced (e.g. no lesser Elementals in Ascension Peak)
Added some enemies to placed encounters
Some bosses are now more of a challenge
Increased the attack rating of attacks that were inferior to other attacks of the same creature
Increased the physical damage dealt by many high level enemies

Increased the speed of many projectiles (this increases the overall speed of combat slightly)
Fixed many problems with weird naming of items
Increased stack sizes of many items
Increased the view distance of some areas
All options are configured already, new keybinds are set up (e.g. WASD movement)


- Create a fresh Wizardry 8 install
- Extract Wizardry 8 Gameplay Overhaul into your "Wizardry8" folder and overwrite
- Delete (and optionally backup) the 3 files in the "Wizardry8" folder called "glide.dll", "glide2x.dll", "glide3x.dll"
- Delete (and optionally backup) the file in "Wizardry8\\Data\Flics\Intro" called "sirtech"
- Start the "3DSetup.exe" and pick your resolution
- Download "Wiz8Fast" and place it into your "Wizardry8" folder (http://www.zimlab.com/wizardry/patches.htm)
- Edit the file "W8LaunchWithAgent.bat"
- Replace the two data paths with your own (they need to be identical and need the exe file just as it's shown in the prebuilt one)
- ALWAYS start the game with "W8LaunchWithAgent.bat"
- The game has been properly modded if there is this in the top right corner: "v1.2.6 (powered by CFAgent v4.23)"
- You need to create new characters after you install the mod!

If the game crashes when it tries to play a video try changing your sound driver to "Miles Fast 2D Positional Audio" in the 3DSetup.exe


- Only Extract the "Data" and "Levels" folder into your "Wizardry8" folder and overwrite
- Un-equip and re-equip equipment that has been changed


If you want to support what i do consider donating on Patreon or via PayPal.




All Races have -5 Vitality
Hobbit: "Earth Resistance = Vitality/5" changed to "Air Resistance = Dexterity/5"
Dwarf: "Fire Resistance = Vitality/5" changed to "Earth Resistance = Vitality/5"
Lizardman: "+15 Fire Resistance" changed to "Fire Resistance = Vitality/5", "+10 Water Resistance" changed to "Water Resistance = Vitality/5"
Lizardman:  Mental Resistance from -10% to -15%
Felpurr: Earth/Air Resistance from 10% to 15%
Rawulf: Fire Resistance from 0% to -10%, Divine Resistance from 15% to 20%
Dracon: Water Resistance from 15% to 10%
Elf: Air Resistance from 10% to 5%

Fighter/Rogue/Bishop: Health gained per level reduced by 1
Mage: Health gained per level reduced by 0.3
Other Classes: Health gained per level reduced by 0.5

(Professional Skills add some points to the skill)
Fighter: No longer has increased Stamina Regeneration
Lord: Axes added to Professional Skills, Health Regeneration changed to Stamina Regeneration, Piety Requirement from 55 to 50,
Lord:  Dexterity requirement from 50 to 55, replaced Steel Helm with Leather Helm (starting equipment)
Valkyrie: Axe Professional Skill changed to Divinity
Samurai: Wizardry added to Professional Skills
Ranger: Alchemy added to Professional Skills
Monk: Stealth Professional Skill changed to Psionics, replaced Shuriken with Feather Darts (starting equipment)
Ninja: Needs less experience to level up (from elite to hybrid), no longer starts with Ninja gear,
Ninja: Starts with cloth pants/shirt/Sandals and 30 shuriken (instead of 15)

Priest: Divine Magic added to Professional Skills
Alchemist: Earth Magic added to Professional Skills
Psionic: Staffs & Wands added to Professional Skills
Bishop: Can no longer uncurse items, starts with the "Ring of Divine Intervention" which can remove curses (limited charges)


Tantris (Trang Samurai Follower) level from 6 to 8, stats and skills increased appropriately
RFS 81 (Android Monk Follower) level from 10 to 9, stats and skills decreased appropriately, reduced divine resistance by 10%
Drazic (Trang Ninja Follower) no longer has Heal Wound, Divine Magic reduced to 0
Sexus (Rapax Mage Follower) Communication from 18 to 8, no longer has Stamina and Darts, Rapax Mageblade is stronger

Trader pay 20% less gold for everything
Trader sell items for 5% more gold
Reduced the amount of standard ammunition on some vendors (e.g. Bundle of Arrows, Bullet Stones)
Sgt. Kunar now always sells Rockets/Musket/Walriblade
Sgt. Bildublu sometimes sells Potion of Mod. Heal/Potion of Mod. Stamina
Burz sometimes sells Scroll of Terror/Scroll of Missile Shield/Scroll of Whipping Rocks
Bela now sells Blades of Aesir/Stave of 12 Stars/Ring of Power/Elven Bow, sometimes sells Mana Stones, all items are 15% more expensive
Braffit sometimes sells Book of Holy Water/Mana Stones
Don Barlone now sells Cane of Corpus/Sai
Fuzzfas sometimes sells Scroll of Remove Curse/Mana Stones
Sadok sometimes sells Mana Stones
Ferro sometimes sells Elven Bow


Elemental Shield is no longer castable with Wizardry
Soul Shield is no longer castable with Divinity
Soul Shield manacost from 6 to 7 (Elemental Shield manacost is 8)
Elemental Shield/Soul Shield duration from 3+1/per Powerlevel to 0+2/per Powerlevel (same as Bless)

Enchanted Blade spell level from 2 to 3, Manacost from 4 to 7
Missile Shield spell level from 2 to 3, Manacost from 5 to 8
Magic Screen Manacost from 6 to 8
Armorplate Manacost from 6 to 8
Detect Secrets duration from 1+2/per Powerlevel to 0+5/per Powerlevel
Shadowhound duration from 0+120/per Powerlevel to 0+150/per Powerlevel
Light duration from 720 to 1000

Xray duration from 12+12/per Powerlevel to 0+30/per Powerlevel, Manacost from 9 to 10, is now castable with Psionics and no longer with Wizardry
Chameleon duration from 0+6/per Powerlevel to 0+30/per Powerlevel
Razor Cloak duration from 0+1/per Powerlevel to 1+1/per Powerlevel
Dracon Breath duration from 0+1/per Powerlevel to 1+1/per Powerlevel
Guardian Angel duration from 3+2/per Powerlevel to 1+2/per Powerlevel

Set Portal manacost from 30 to 50, is now a Wizardry only spell
Return to Portal manacost from 50 to 75, is now a Wizardry only spell

Heal Wounds heal from 4-16 to 5-13
Heal All heal from 4-16 to 3-12, Manacost from 10 to 9
Restoration heal from 8-64 to 16-56
Resurrection manacost from 30 to 70

Paralyze Manacost from 3 to 2
Make Wounds damage from 2-6 to 3-5
Frost damage from 1-7 to 2-6

Holy Water Manacost from 5 to 6, damage from 2-10 to 4-14
Sonic Boom Manacost from 6 to 5
Noxious Fumes radius from 14 to 10, no longer castable with Wizardry
Iceball damage from 2-10 to 3-10
Firebomb radius from 14 to 20
Crush damage from 2-30 to 9-27
Ego Whip damage from 2-14 to 3-13
Whirlwind Manacost from 7 to 5, Spell level from 4 to 3

Summon Elemental Manacost from 12 to 14, completely rebalanced the elementals
Dehydrate damage from 2-38 to 13-34
Blizzard damage from 2-18 to 4-14, Manacost from 12 to 10
Boiling Blood damage from 2-38 to 14-26
Banish damage from 3-27 to 6-24
Lightning damage from 2-16 to 3-15, Manacost from 12 to 9
Might to Magic damage from 3-27 to 9-25
Lifesteal damage from 4-16 to 9-19
Firestorm radius from 14 to 20

Falling Stars damage from 2-16 to 4-16, Manacost from 16 to 14
Cerebral Hemorrhage/Concussion damage from 2-48 to 15-39
Earthquake/Mindflay/Nuclear Blast damage from 3-21 to 6-21
Tsunami damage from 3-27 to 8-23


Removed the bugged "dagger + dagger" recipe which produced an unusable dagger
Bearded War Axe damage from 1-6 to 2-6, initiative from +1 to +2
Hatchet to hit from -1 to +1
Hand Axe damage from 1-12 to 2-12
Morning Star initiative from -3 to -4
Mace damage from 1-9 to 1-10
War Scepter drop rate slightly decreased

Bloodlust damage from 5-13 to 4-12, Ac from 0 to -5, harder to identify
Bloodlust is no longer equip-able by Bard/Gadgeteer/Ranger/Rogue
Demonsting Value from 3500 to 3000, harder to identify, degenerates stamina, Hex from 0% to 10%, K.O. from 2% to 3%
Demonsbane Value from 6000 to 5000, harder to identify, degenerates stamina, Hex from 0% to 10%
Poison Dagger is no longer cursed, -1 Initiative
Greenwood Bow Kill chance from 1% to 2%, Value from 2600 to 3250
Spiked Spear damage from 9-17 to 9-15
Disruptor Mace K.O. chance from 25% to 30%
Woodsman's Axe damage from 3-17 to 4-17
Bipennis damage from 7-21 to 7-22, harder to identify
Ninjato damage from 3-9 to 4-10, Initiative from +2 to +4, value from 700 to 1000, harder to identify
Sai damage from 3-11 to 5-15, Initiative from +2 to +5, to hit from +1 to +2, value from 1250 to 7500, rarer to find, harder to identify
Boomerang Shuriken damage from 2-7 to 2-8
Rapax Mageblade Fire Magic from 0 to +10, damage from 7-16 to 8-17
Diamond Eyes damage from 7-22 to 6-21, no longer available from Shaman Das, initiative from +3 to +2, paralyze from 20% to 15%, value from 32000 to 25000
Added a new Axe named "Requiem". About as strong as Diamond Eyes and also is equipable on the secondary weapon slot

Strong Bow strength requirement from 85 to 80
Light Sword Kill chance from 10% to 5%, small chance to drop from Jan-Ette
Ivory Blade K.O. chance from 1% to 0%, to hit from +4 to +2
Excalibur drop chance redistributed
Fang damage from 10-24 to 10-20, kill chance from 10% to 5%, to hit from +2 to +1, value from 25000 to 20000
Cane of Corpus damage from 12-42 to 6-21, to hit from +4 to +1, poison chance from 100% to 0%, kill chance from 15% to 5%, paralyze chance from 50% to 20%
Cane of Corpus divine resistance from 50% to 25%, value from 80000 to 15000, easier to identify
Axe of Many Runes initiative from -14 to -10, to hit from -8 to -4, +5 to all Resistances
Crusader's Axe does x2 damage versus undead
Plague Axe damage from 4-12 to 5-15, chance to poison from 5% to 10%
Sword of Fire Fireball Powerlevel from 4 to 5
Muramasa Blade can drop from Rapax King/Rapax King Treasure/Martens Chest (small chance)

The Mauler Strength requirement from 50 to 60
Stun Rod is harder to identify, initiative from -6 to -7
Staff of Doom health regeneration from -1 to -2, Death Cloud charges from 3-5 to 6-8
Enchanted Wakizashi sword skill from 0 to +5, damage from 3-12 to 5-14, value from 20000 to 18000
Holy Basher piety from 0 to +5
Staff of Ash fire resistance from 0 to 10%, hex chance from 0% to 5%
Vampire Chain Drain Stamina from 100% to 50%, Drain Health from 0% to 50%, Drain SP from 0% to 50%
Cat'o Nine Tails dexterity from 0 to +5
Frontier Phaser damage from 3-30 to 6-30, modern weapon skill from 0 to +5

Walriblade initiative from -3 to -6, to hit from 0 to +1, damage from 5-11 to 6-12, value from 145 to 175
Zizka Star paralyze chance from 0% to 5%, damage from 3-13 to 5-13
Flamberge damage from 7-19 to 8-20, to hit from +0 to +1, value from 3000 to 3500
Katana kill chance from 0% to 1%
No-Dachi initiative from -4 to -2
Naginata to hit from 0 to +1, value from 2500 to 2750

Death Star quantity found from 3-7 to 3-5, kill chance from 5% to 10%, poison strength from 15 to 12, value from 150 to 175
Vorpal Blade poison strength from 2 to 3
Raven's Bill poison strength from 2 to 3
Faust Halberd K.O. chance from 0% to 5%
Spear of Death damage from 9-17 to 10-18, kill chance from 2% to 5%, vitality from 0 to -10, is now cursed
Fauchard dexterity from 0 to +5
Elven Bow kill chance from 5% to 0%, health regeneration removed, to hit from +5 to +4, value from 4000 to 4250
Mystery Ray now has a 1% chance to do 11 different effects (1% chance for each effect)
Wand of Static energy blast level from 2 to 3
Spirit Staff damage from 2-11 to 3-11, earth magic from 0 to +5, sleep chance from 0% to 5%, divine resistance from 20% to 0%

Vulcan Hammer charges from 5-11 to 8-11
Sword of Fire charges from 4-12 to 8-12
The Avenger charges from 3-12 to 8-11
Blades of Aesir charges from 4-16 to 9-13
Excalibur charges from 5-25 to 10-20
Faust Halberd charges from 8-20 to 10-18
Zatoichi Bo charges from 10-100 to 20-50
Burning Spear charges from 2-8 to 4-8
Ivory Blade charges from 2-12 to 5-11
The Mauler charges from 6-18 to 8-16

Winterwand charges from 3-7 to 5-7
Wand of Winds charges from 3-7 to 5-7
Flamethrower charges from 2-10 to 4-10
Wand of Static charges from 3-17 to 6-16
Flame Staff charges from 10-30 to 13-23

These weapons are now equip-able on secondary weapon slot:
War Scepter
Morning Star
War Hammer
Hand Axe
Battle Axe
Short Staff
Icicle Stix


Prospero's Cloak Intelligence from +20 to +10
Forest Cape Ac from 3 to 2, increases Earth Magic by 5
Death Shroud grants Instant Death Power Level 3 with 5-7 charges, harder to identify
Canezou Robe increases mythology by 5
Rapax Breastplate fire resistance from 10% to 50%, Ac from 11 to 10
Light Shield AC from +10 to +8, resistance changed to 15% to all, 30% mental/divine resistance
Ninja Garb (U)/(L) +5 Dexterity and +5 Critical Strike, value from 30 to 3500
Ninja Cowl +5 Senses and +5 Stealth, Ac from 3 to 2, value from 50 to 3000
Ninja Tabi +10 Speed, Ac from 3 to 2, value from 85 to 3000
Wizard's Cone removed divine resistance, +10 Wizardry, value from 475 to 2250
Mitre De Sanct Ac from +5 to +2, +10 Divine Magic, +5 Piety, value from 4000 to 3500, removed from Trynton Upper Branches

Many Cloak/Capes are wearable by more classes
Anointed Cape is no longer wearable by Fighter
Cameo Locket is now wearable by females
Locket of Reflection is now wearable by males but is slightly less often found
Necklace of Endurance is now wearable by faeries and androids
Doll's Gloves are now wearable by Mages/Psionics (like Doll's Armor)
Cloth Shirt/Cloth Pants/Sandals are now wearable by Ninjas

Anointed Cloak piety from 0 to +5
Shadow Cloak value from 500 to 300
Hi-Kane-Do strength from 0 to +5
Hi-Kane-Hai-Date fire resistance changed to earth resistance, dexterity from 0 to +5

Plate Mail +2 (U) Fire/Water resistance from 20% to 10%
Plate Mail +2 (L) Fire/Water resistance from 20% to 10% and changed to Earth/Air
Plate Mail +3 (U) Fire/Water resistance from 30% to 15%
Plate Mail +3 (L) Fire/Water resistance from 30% to 15% and changed to Earth/Air
Ebony Plate (U) Fire/Water resistance from 30% to 20%
Ebony Plate (L) Fire/Water resistance from 30% to 20% and changed to Earth/Air
Chain Mail (U) Fire/Water resistance from 10% to 5%
Chain Mail (L) Fire/Water resistance from 10% to 5% and changed to Earth/Air

Chamois Gloves weight from 2 to 3
Steel Gauntlets weight from 8 to 9
Burgonet Helm weight from 6.5 to 9
Armet weight from 7.5 to 12
Ebony Plate (L) weight from 30 to 32
Ebony Plate (U) weight from 30 to 40

Dragon Kite water resistance from 20% to 0%
Replaced Dragon Kite from Bayjin Shallows with a new Shield named "Sea Kite" (same stats as Dragon Kite but Water Resistance)
Shield of Sacrifice stamina regeneration from -1 to 0
Philosopher's Shield divine resistance from 20% to 0%
Helm of Insight charges from 2-8 to 4-8


Potion of Light Heal value from 100 to 105
Potion of Mod. Stamina value from 70 to 65
Potion of Bless value from 800 to 500, slightly easier to identify
Potion of Guardian Angel power level from 5 to 6, alchemy craft requirement from 15 to 25
Potion of Hv. Heal now requires 2x "Potion of Mod. Heal" for alchemy, value from 650 to 600
Acid Bomb alchemy craft requirement from 20 to 30, value from 800 to 750
Potion of Cure Disease now requires "Pickmeup Potion" + "Potion of Cure Poison" for alchemy, value from 1500 to 1000
Renewal Potion value from 5000 to 2800, alchemy craft requirement from 50 to 65
Magic Nectar Powerlevel from 6 to 4, value from 500 to 350
Mana Stone value from 500 to 550
Eye for an Eye Potion Powerlevel from 5 to 4, value from 1000 to 780

Potion of Restoration quantity of drops from 1-3 to 1, value from 1000 to 1275, Powerlevel from 3 to 4, is harder to identify
Potion of Restoration now requires "Potion of Cure Light Condition" instead of "Potion of Hv. Stamina" for alchemy
Pandemonium Powder value from 3000 to 950
Pandemonium Powder now requires "Dust of Defection" instead of "Sneeze Powder" for alchemy, alchemy craft requirement from 50 to 55
Skeleton Powder value from 600 to 1050
Skeleton Powder now requires "Dust of Banishment" instead of "Concussion Powder" for alchemy, alchemy craft requirement from 70 to 60
Resurrection Powder alchemy craft requirement from 85 to 80, value from 2000 to 3250, quantity of drops from 1-3 to 1, slightly harder to identify
Canned Elemental value from 2000 to 3100, requires a skill of 50 alchemy to use
Granite Potion value from 1300 to 1425, Powerlevel from 5 to 6

New Alchemy recipes:
Alchemy 10: Potion of Mod. Heal     = "Potion of Light Heal" + "Potion of Light Heal"
Alchemy 15: Potion of Hv. Stamina     = "Potion of Mod. Stamina" + "Potion of Mod. Stamina"
Alchemy 30: Eye for an Eye Potion     = "Potion of Razor Cloak" + "Magic Nectar"
Alchemy 60: Granite Potion             = "Potion of Guardian Angel" + "Potion of Razor Cloak"

Scroll of Enchanted Blade value from 500 to 600
Book of Enchantment value from 2000 to 3000
Scroll of Missile Shield value from 350 to 500
Book of Barriers value from 1500 to 3000
Scroll of Remove Curse value from 750 to 700

The effect of Restore Magic per Powerlevel from 4-56 to 10-50 (e.g. Magic Nectar)
The effect of Restore Health per Powerlevel from 4-16 to 5-13 (e.g. Healing Potions)
Scroll of Resurrect value from 2500 to 3000
Scroll of Haste Powerlevel from 3 to 2
Potion of Haste Value from 800 to 600
Removed a duplicate of Ale

Bag of Death/Cure Paralysis Powder/Mana Stone/Skeleton Powder quantity of drops from 2-3 to 1-3
Devil Dust/Faerie Dust/Sneeze Powder/Flash Powder/Dust of Dessication quantity of drops from 3-5 to 2-4
Smelling Salts quantity of drops from 1-5 to 1-3
Sparkle Stix quantity of drops from 5-25 to 4-12
Icicle Stix quantity of drops from 4-16 to 4-12
Knock Picks quantity of drops from 2-3 to 1-3

Medicine Bag quantity of drops from 4-10 to 3-6
Granite Potion/Pickmeup Poition/Eye for an Eye Potion quantity of drops from 1-2 to 1
Potion of Hv. Heal quantity of drops from 2-4 to 1-3
Potion of Light Heal/Potion of Mod. Stamina quantity of drops from 2-3 to 1-3
Potion of Restoration quantity of drops from 1-4 to 1-3
Potion of Cure Poison quantity of drops from 2-2 to 1-2


Ankh of Might value from 4000 to 5000
Amulet of Spiders 10% Water Resistance changed to 10% Earth Resistance
Geomancer/Hydromancer/Aeromancer/Pyromancer Ring removed +1 ac and the +5% resistance, increases mana regeneration
by 1, increased drop rate slightly
Ring of Life weight from 2.5 to 1.0 lbs

Ankh of Speed Powerlevel from 4 to 3
Rousing Drums Haste Powerlevel from 3 to 2, Music requirement from 45 to 55
Dulcimer of Mending Heal All Powerlevel from 3 to 2, Music requirement from 60 to 65
Chaos Drone Music requirement from 75 to 80

Amulet of Healing ac from +3 to 0, value from 18000 to 12000
Ankh of Life has less charges, harder to identify
Amulet of Life has less charges, value from 2500 to 4000, harder to identify, artifact requirement from 35 to 40

Ring of Resounding air resistance from 0 to 10%
Aqua Ring water magic from 0 to +5, AC from 1 to 0
Brimstone Ring fire magic from 0 to +5, AC from 1 to 0
Granite Ring earth magic from 0 to +5, AC from 1 to 0
Ring of Breezes air magic from 0 to +5, AC from 1 to 0
Ring of Protection AC from 1 to 2, value from 1000 to 1200, is now rarer

More sprites can drop faerie specific items (Fey Ring, Faerie Cap, Sprite's Dagger, Rod of Sprites, Faerie Stick)
Fey Ring stamina regeneration from -1 to 0, AC from 4 to 2, stealth from 20 to 15
Faerie Cap AC from 4 to 1, mana regeneration from 0 to +1, value from 25000 to 15000
Rod of Sprites value from 25000 to 20000
Faerie Stick (1 handed wand, equip-able in secondary slot) implemented into the game (was previously unused), drops from low level sprites

Amulet of Stillness charges from 3-9 to 5-8
Ankh of Healing charges from 3-9 to 4-8
Ring of Breezes charges from 1-6 to 2-6
Locket of Reflection charges from 1-6 to 2-6


Reduced bad loot (things with a value under 1000) in high level unique chests, that means rare loot will drop more often
Some chests have less gold in them (e.g. from 10-200 gold to 25-150)
Starter Chest loot quantity from 3-7 to 3-5, removed items with value over 500
Anna's/He'Li's/Antone's Chest loot quantity from 2-6 to 2-4
Anna's Vault Chest loot quantity from 3-5 to 3-4
He'Li's Vault Chest loot quantity from 3-5 to 3-4
Vault Chest loot quantity from 3-5 to 3-4
Lowered the chance to get valuable items and slightly lowered the quantity from 2 chests in Arnika
Removed one of the two Necklace of Endurance in Arnika

Consumable stack size from 5 to 10 (Bombs, Potions etc.)
Scroll stack size from 3 to 5
Ammunition stack size from 100 to 250 (except some special ammo which has increased stack size too)
Creature parts (ingredients) stack size from 10 to 25

Bundle of Arrows quantity of drops from 20-100 to 20-80
Bundle of Bolts quantity of drops from 20-100 to 20-80
Bundle of Precision Arrows quantity of drops from 20-100 to 20-60
Shuriken quantity of drops from 3-15 to 6-15
Death Star quantity of drops from 3-6 to 3-7
Throwing Knives quantity of drops from 5-11 to 6-15
Throwing Stiletto quantity of drops from 4-8 to 5-11
Feather Darts quantity of drops from 7-15 to 8-16
Poison Darts quantity of drops from 6-12 to 6-13
Powerpak quantity of drops from 5-20 to 10-20, value from 100 to 250

These Changes lead to slightly faster combat overall:
Arrows/Bolts/Stones/Rockets velocity from 65 to 85
Musket Ball velocity from 70 to 95
Daggers/Shuriken/Darts/Spears velocity from 57 to 75
Stinger Thorn velocity from 60 to 75
Poison Spit velocity from 55 to 70
Spell projectile (e.g. Fireball/Acid Splash) velocity from 33 to 40-45

Modai/Juggernaut can drop "Piercer Modai Claw" with a 30/20% chance
Wasp/Blinding Wasp/Swarming Wasp can drop "Wasp Wings" with a 10/15/20% chance
Some Hogars have a higher chance to drop "Hogar Tusk"
Iron Weed drop chance of "Iron Weed Thorns" from 40% to 100%
Bat Vampires renamed to Vampire Bats (there were 2 Bats called "Vampire Bats" and 1 called "Bat Vampires")
All Vampire Bats can now drop "Vampire Bat Wind", drop change from 5% to 10%
All spiders can now drop "Spider Silk", drop chance depending on the level of the spider


Antone Rapax renamed to Antone
Sexus Rapax renamed to Sexus
Tantris T'Rang renamed to Tantris
Z'Ant T'Rang renamed to Z'Ant

"Stave Pro Paralysis" renamed to "Staff of Paralysis"
"Ring Pro Frost" renamed to "Ring of Frost Protection"
"Ring Pro Magic" renamed to "Ring of Magic Protection"
"Amulet Pro Magic" renamed to "Amulet of Magic Protection"
"Potion of Hv. Heal" renamed to "Potion of Heavy Heal"
"Potion of Hv. Stamina" renamed to "Potion of Heavy Stamina"
"Potion of Mod. Heal" renamed to "Potion of Moderate Heal"
"Potion of Mod. Stamina" renamed to "Potion of Moderate Stamina"

Bundle of Hunter Quarrels renamed to Bundle of Hunter Bolts
Bundle of Quarrels renamed to Bundle of Bolts
Every text that previously stated "Quarrel/Quarrels" now reads "Bolt/Bolts"
"Light" "Sword" renamed to Light Sword
"Light" "Shield" renamed to Light Shield
Nunchaka renamed to Nunchaku
Tabi Boots renamed to Ninja Tabi
FlameQuencher Wand renamed to Flamequencher Wand
Crusader's 2H Axe +1 renamed to Crusader's Axe
Excaliber renamed to Excalibur

Stud-Cuir Bra+2 renamed to Stud-Cuir Bra
Stud-Cuir Skirt+2 renamed to Stud-Cuir Skirt
Rubber Shoe (1) renamed to Rubber Shoe
Doll's Armor (L) renamed to Doll's Armor
Gown(L) of Divinemail renamed to Gown of Divinemail (L)
Gown(U) of Divinemail renamed to Gown of Divinemail (U)
Chain Mail+1 (L) renamed to Chain Mail (L)
Robes (L) +1 renamed to Robes +1 (L)
Chamail Doublet +2 renamed to Chamail Doublet
Chamail Pants +2 renamed to Chamail Pants
Fixed the name of all equipment with no space in between the name and (L) or (U) or +1 (e.g. "Black Gown of Death(U)" renamed to "Black Gown of Death (U)")


Some higher level enemies with all resistances above 90% have one or more Resistances that are lowered
Undead/Demons have less Divine Resistance
Insects/Spiders/Golems/Crabs/Sea Creatures have less Air Resistance
Bats/Flying Serpents/Flying Bugs have less Earth Resistance
Beasts/Crocodiles/Slimes/Frogs have less Mental Resistance
Wood Spirits/Plants/Rynjin/Rats/Rattkin have less Fire Resistance
Scorcher/Fire Ants/Rapax have less Water Resistance
Androids have less Divine/Earth Resistance

Increased the attack rating of some 1x attacks that were inferior to 2x attacks of the same creature (Rynjin, Rapax, Beasts, Undead,
Crustaceans, Androids)
Increased the physical attack damage of many high level Serpents/Flying Serpents/Demons/Androids/Rapax

Gregor bite attack chance to poison from 6% to 10%, maximum health decreased by 8
King Crab health increased by about 24, claw damage from 1-6 to 3-10, new attack which hits 2 times and has a 10% chance to K.O. and each attack does 2-6 damage, xp gain increased, resistances increased by 5%
Savant Orb in Arnika has about 25 more health, damage from 1-7 to 4-9
Giant Bat health increased by about 50
Rapax King health increased by about 40, damage from 6-18 to 7-19, removed Blizzard/Falling Stars, added Boiling Blood/Firestorm (10% chance)
Rogue Leader has increased health, increased damage, better poison, better initiative, better loot
Nessie increased health, increased damage of the bite attack and an additional 5% chance to swallow, increased spell power
Keeper of the Crypt health from 310-800 to 700-850, increased spellpower, deals slightly more melee damage, increased Intelligence and Dexterity
Rapax High Priestess spellpower drastically increased

Lava Lord increased health by 200, attack rating increased, damage from 10-100 to 35-85, reduced water resistance by 5%
El Dorado health increased by 170, increased stamina/spellpower/initiative/claw damage/armor, chance to inflict hexed with attacks
El Dorado removed Purify Air/Energy Bolt, added Pandemonium/Lightning, decreased Water Resistance by 25, decreased Divine/Mental Resistance by 15
Quagmroth Ve drain stamina chance from 30% to 50%, drain health chance from 5% to 10%, poison strength from 7 to 9, Fire/Air Resistance reduced by 20%, drop chance from 15% to 100%
Quagmroth Teg added 15% chance to blind, damage from 7-22 to 9-24, Earth/Air Resistance reduced by 20%, drop chance from 15% to 100%
Souleater reduced Fire/Earth/Air/Water Resistance by 5%, tentacle attack no longer instant kills and blinds but has 10% more chance to possess, claws have 5% more chance to instant kill
Dark Savant increased health by about 20%, physical damage resistance increased, spell power increased

Completely rebalanced all Elementals, level/xp/health/damage/hit chance/status effects/resistances/spellpower (fixed many inconsistencies with elementals)
Water/Earth Elementals have spells available like their Fire/Air counterpart (only greater/major/lord)
Named Elementals have a higher chance to cast spells and have more fitting spells
Sorceresses have an increased chance to cast and have slightly better spellpower (this affects many enemies)
Geomancer/Hydromancer/Aeromancer/Pyromancer have better Elemental companions, and slightly better spellpower
Geomancer removed Enchanted Blade, added 10% to cast Crush
Aeromancer removed Banish/Elemental Shield, added Whirlwind/Sonic Boom (10% chance for each)
Hydromancer removed Cure Paralysis/Elemental Shield, added Frost/Iceball (10% chance for each)
Pyromancer removed Enchanted Blade, added Fireball (10% chance)
Nebdar removed Shrill Sound, added Summon Elemental (10% chance)
Sorceress Queen removed Shrill Sound, added Summon Elemental (10% chance)

Many Rapax have their maximum health decreased, the stats of some are slightly increased (e.g. Rapax Berserker have 120 max health less but deal slightly more damage)
Rapax Warlock/Warmage melee damage from 3-10 to 5-12
A low level Rapax Bowman has higher health and some stats slightly increased
Rapax Archer/Bowman poison arrow chance to poison from 10% to 35%, poison strength from 4 to 5, all hunter arrows have a 5% chance to blind, increased the damage of hunter arrows, damage from 5-20/4-19 to 6-20
Rapax will cast more Fire related spells and have increased spellpower (e.g. Rapax Samurai will only cast Energy Blast and Fireball)
Rapax Priestesses (and Initiates etc.) will no longer cast Make Wounds, replaced it with better spells (mostly magic missiles/heal all/heal wounds)
Rapax Concubine damage from 1-6 to 4-9
Scorcher health from 270-380 to 220-320
Blistering Scorcher health from 161-392 to 240-372

Many Slimes/Seeker/Serpents/Flying Serpents/Spiders/Insects/Flying Bugs have a higher chance to poison or higher poison strength
Rynjin Battlelord/Chief/Overseer deal more damage, higher initiative
Some Rynjin have more spellpower/initiative
Venom Crabs spawn in smaller groups, +25 health, increased damage, increased poison damage
Increased the spellpower/intelligence of most sprites
Crimson Poppey chance to set sleep with attacks from 30% to 20%
Rattkin Goon damage from 3-8 to 4-9
Rattkin Sniper damage from 3-8 to 5-10
Rattkin willow arrows have a 5% chance to cause sleep
Rattkin Breeder now has a 25% Chance to Poison with all attacks instead of 20%(thrust) and 80%(overhead), Poison strength from 5 to 4, attack less often, increased damage of attacks from 4-14 to 8-20
"Throw Giant Stone" attacks decreased attack rating, increased damage
Picus have a higher chance to blind with "peck" attacks
Increased the spell power of Unicorns

Shallow Dweller have +10 Health, Damage increased, higher chance on bite attack to poison, Poison strength from 2 to 3
Depth Dweller higher chance on bite attack to poison, Poison strength from 3 to 4
Depth Flayer K.O. chance from 2% to 4%
Death Lord has a 1% chance to instant kill with attacks, lesser chance to cast lightning, added instant death (10% chance)
Greater Seeker camouflage rating from 0 to 3
Adamantium Slime has 15% less Fire Resistance and 35% less Air Resistance, health reduced by about 50
Storm Gazer -10% chance to cast Tsunami, +10% chance to cast Lightning (=100% chance to cast Lightning), increased spellpower/chance to cast
Djinn of the Clouds -10% chance to cast Death Cloud/Eye for an Eye, +10% chance to cast Whirlwind/Toxic Cloud
Savant Behemoth in the Savant Tower has increased health and increased damage

Unidentified name "Bug" changed to "Insect", "Creature" changed to "Beast" (all of them existed before but Creature and Bug were rarely used)
Some fixes to the unidentified names and races of enemies
Increased damage of Dagger Scatter/Poison Dart Traps
Some other small changes to some enemies


Spawns in this game work like this: They have a respawn timer and if the timer runs out the encounter has a chance to spawn and the timer restarts. This chance varies from location and encounter. One spawn point can only have one encounter active.

Increased the respawn time of encounters with a maximum respawn time above 250 minutes by 15-30%
Minimum respawn time of encounters increased to 250 minutes (previously several encounters had a respawn time of about 100 min)
The creature level difference of encounter tables is reduced (e.g. no lesser Elementals in Ascension Peak)
Locations have less chance to spawn out of depth enemies (e.g. level 20 enemies in swamp)
Removed some random spawns in Arnika/Arnika Road/Sea Caves (Beach)/Ascension Peak
Arnika is no longer infested with enemies the whole game
All encounters have 5-10% less chance to spawn

Rapax Rift can spawn Greater Fire Elementals
Bayjin can spawn Greater Water Elementals
Mountain Wilderness can spawn Greater Earth Elementals
Wilderness Clearing can spawn Greater Air Elementals


Lower Monastery added 1 additional Screaming Head into a locked room
Upper Monastery added 1 additional Dusk Bat to the group of bats behind a door
Umpani Upper Caves replaced Swallower (lvl 9) with Gnashing Swallower (lvl 15), added a second Deathsting Apus, replaced Flintstone Golem (lvl 10) with Marble Golem (lvl 14), replaced Morax with a new better version
Arnika Trynton Road Graveyard replaced 6 Trynnie Spirit (lvl 4) with 6 Trynnie Spirit (lvl 6)
Arnika Road added 1 additional Seeker to a cave entrance
Trynton removed a Crawling Creeper
Martens Bluff added 1 additional Shallows Dweller to a cave, added 1 additional Ironskin Crocodile to a cave, replaced the Trasher Apus with a Deathsting Apus, removed the lonely Apus which guarded the entrance to Lower Martens Bluff
Mine Tunnels added 1 additional Flying Serpent to a small mountain passage
South East Wilderness replaced 3 Sige (lvl 5) with 3 Cultists (lvl 10)
Replaced some Rynjin in Bayjin with higher level ones
Sea Caves removed the 2 Rock Crabs guarding a chest, added 2 additional Rebel Spirits to the existing group
Removed the random crab spawn at the beginning and added 3 new neutral level 1 fishes
Rapax Rift added 1 additional Rapax Initiate to a group of 2 Initiates


Increased the view distance of many locations (except some locations where it was not needed or caused some problems)
For example Umpani Base Camp view distance from 75 to 400 (you can see the whole area), Arnika view distance from 90 to 150
Umpani Base Camp building entrances are altered so that they are easier to enter
Fixed the placement of some lanterns in the Umpani Base Camp
Fixed the placement of a stone on the Sea Caves beach
Increased the fog in Swamp, Rapax Rift and Mountain Wilderness
Removed some unused buildings in Trynton. They were visible because of the increased view distance

Credits to mad god for Cosmic Forge (https://mad-god.webs.com/cosmicforge.htm)