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WIP version (BETA)Explanation of Optic DOF & BLUR

What is optic dof?

First of all, i've take the human eye as base while developing this optic dof. In real life, the objects at close range look clear and visible, the other objects and details look blurry while focusing.

That's how i developing the optic dof. This feature suits pretty good for first person shooter games but not goot at all for third person games but i'm working on the implementing this feature to The Witcher 3.

Optic Dof feature aims to improve post proccesing effects & overall quality in The Witcher 3. Adding cinamatic look in the game. It's a bit different than actual blur & dof. The main goal is achieve the best & balanced quality dof & blur post proccesing effects without intense effects that hurting the eyes.