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Witcher 3 modding tools released with NMM support

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Robin is currently away on holiday so he's asked me to post this for him today on his behalf:

We're massive fans of CD Projekt Red here at the Nexus. Not only do they make awesome games like The Witcher 3, but they've consistently shown themselves to be champions of PC gaming above and beyond any other major game developers or publishers out there. And most importantly, they show this in their actions, not hollow words and unfulfilled promises. DRM free games, huge free "Enhanced Edition" patches to their games, free DLC (let's acknowledge how awesome that is in this day and age of "season passes" for DLC...), modding tools, and the list goes on.

So it was a real honour when a few weeks ago the folks over at CDProjekt Red got into contact with me about the (then) upcoming release of The Witcher 3 modding tools. They very kindly gave us a heads up about their plans and gave us access to a beta version of the tools so that we could update our Nexus Mod Manager to support mods made using the tools in time for their launch.

That launch is today and CDProjekt Red have annonced the launch of their modding tools. We have updated NMM to version 0.56 which includes the Witcher 3 modding support as well as fixes and optimisations for Windows 10 users of NMM. You'll need to update NMM to make use of this new functionality.

You can download the modding tools directly from our servers (no need to login to the sites to download) which also contains an official quick start guide and a sample mod creation walkthrough from CDProjekt RED.

Download the latest MODkit (1.3)

They've also provided 4 samples mods that relate to the modding guides included in the ModKit setup package but also that anyone can use. Because the ModKit uses a specific folder in the Witcher 3 game folders for mods made with the ModKit, NMM will only work with mods made with the ModKit (so any mods made up until now for The Witcher 3 won't work with NMM). If you want to use mods made before the ModKit was released, or that do things outside of the ModKit's remit, then NMM will not be able to install these mods.

Please get in contact with us if you run in to any problems with getting Witcher 3 mods made with the ModKit to work with NMM and we'll get a hotfix out ASAP!

We look forward to seeing some great new mods for The Witcher 3 using the official ModKit.


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  1. Thandal
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    Locking this topic.  It's being necro'd after laying dormant for almost a year.
    Please use The Witcher 3 forums for questions about how to use the tools or build mods for TW3. 
  2. DjSeaghost
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    Anyone know where I can edit an item's name, like if I make a copy of the wolf gear armor but want in-game to display blue wolf armor etc...
  3. glediator
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    Guys Can somebody explain me how to pack back extracted from cache files. I am new tto modding and I just trying to find easist way to modify witcher3.

    I want to change Geralt face texture.
    I ve donwloaded mod HandsomeGeralt.
    I ve unpack texture.cache file and get some dds textures files and changed it.
    I want to pack back dds files to cache file using Modkit.

    I ve downloaded ModKit. Seems like this one works only in command line mode. But I still can not understand how to pack my dds files to one cache file.

    For example I have some dds textures in C:/textures_gerald_face

    and i need to take output file from C:/output

    how it should look?
  4. limeboiler
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    so how was the aNONCEment? ki*ky? lol jk just fix it please i'm dying m8
  5. zverka326
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    Tried to export the texture shirts of format .xbm in .png ,but nothing happened, the file is in the folder did not appear
    D:\Witcher3Modding\Mods\GophersLogo>cd /d D:\Witcher 3 Mod Tools\bin\x64


    D:\Witcher 3 Mod Tools\bin\x64>call wcc_lite.exe export -depot=D:\Uncooked\ -fil

    e=characters\models\geralt\armor\armor_shirt\t_01_mg__shirt_d01.xbm -out=D:\Witc


    [2017.02.27 19:03:44][Error][Game] CItemManager: directory 'items\' not found!

    [2017.02.27 19:03:44][Error][Game] Error: no speed config defined in speedConfig

    .xml, there is probably an error in there !

    [2017.02.27 19:03:44][Error][Game] [DLC] There's no DLC directory in the depot.

    No DLCs will be mounted.

    [2017.02.27 19:03:44][Info][WCC] Starting commandlet 'export'

    [2017.02.27 19:03:44][Info][WCC] -----------------------------------------------


    [2017.02.27 19:03:44][Info][WCC] Attaching depot at 'D:\Uncooked\'

    [2017.02.27 19:03:45][Error][Core] Deserialization failure in file 'characters\m


    [2017.02.27 19:03:45][Error][Core] !!! LOADING FAILED !!!

    [2017.02.27 19:03:45][Error][Core] Unable to load 'characters\models\geralt\armo


    [2017.02.27 19:03:45][Error][WCC] Unable to load file 'characters\models\geralt\

    armor\armor_shirt\t_01_mg__shirt_d01.xbm' from depot

    [2017.02.27 19:03:45][Info][WCC] -----------------------------------------------


    [2017.02.27 19:03:45][Info][WCC] Total errors: 0

    [2017.02.27 19:03:45][Info][WCC] Total warnings: 0

    [2017.02.27 19:03:45][Error][WCC] Wcc operation failed

  6. SerNoisy
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    I need to punch something ....
    looks like no matter what exporting just doesn't work. no white spaces in the paths, file names 1001% correct!
    it always says the file wouldn't exist O_o

    (game version 1.31 - installed all dlc's [including HoS and B&W])
    and when uncooking wcc_lite doesn't find the dlc's folder ...

    watched tutorials and RTFM - of course everything works fine and dandy there but not for me >(
    ... much error, so frustration
    1. wsmmq
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      Seems we met the same problem,had you ever solved it now?

      ...ughh,well.It didn't show up file doesn't exist for me,but it just !!!LOADING FAILED!!!
  7. PierreDorian
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    I'm having the same problem as the more recent commenters. Does 1.1 not work at all? And does anyone know where you can download an earlier version? I was able to uncook the whole game a few months ago on an earlier version of this. I can't seem to find any earlier versions to download on google-search either
  8. eatmydust64
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    this is no longer working correct? I've tried all the different ways to do with including modkitchen and the CMD version but the uncooking file is only 2gb (missing some things) and ModKitchn doesn't do anything when i tell it to get me a tga file.

    I haven't even been able to try packing up a mod because it wont even get me the textures to edit something.

    Followed Gophers video, to the letter and it did nothing but fail. Tried this orther vdeo that expalined mod kitched and it worked but only gave me a 2gb uncooked folder, and tried following the pdf files bt the results were the same as following gopher.
    1. exploiteddna
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      ive been able to uncook parts of it, but not the whole thing.. the uncook process always fails in the middle of the process
  9. Rokkr0
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    scriptStudio keeps crashing on Win10 Pro when creating a new mod. I name the mod, provide storage location, game directory, click OK, then it seems to be loading and crashes.

    I've uninstalled and reinstalled as admin, run the program as admin, run the program in compatibility mode (Win7 & 8), and run in compatibility mode as admin (Win7 & 8). I'm not sure what else to do with it.. Any suggestions would be welcome.
  10. TheAbuu
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    Hello people, I installed this kit and tried to open wcc_lite, even as admin, but nothing happens, the programm stands all black and i cannot write anything in it... then some scrolling scripts appear and suddenly the program shuts off... what is this problem?
    1. CaptainCrunch
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      You have to use command prompt. Open cmd, navigate to the modkit's folder and type in the commands