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An incredibly young and pretty Geralt

Now with Younger Geralt version

Compatible with Blood and Wine DLC & Patch 1.31 GOTY Edition

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Compatible with Blood and Wine DLC & Latest Patch 1.31 Game of the Year Edition (Tested on 15 Sep, 2016)
PS. Guys, it's just a simple texture mod, no script involved. These patches don't affect it, except they change the texture path. (which is unlikely)

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Update 18 Dec 2015
okay I decided to make all-in-one version, will replace all of Geralt face texture; base game,hos,tattoo,hos tattoo (not including a shaving scene). 

- AllInOneYoungerGeraltOriginalScar
- AllInOneYoungerGeraltMoreScar
- AllInOneYoungerGeraltOriLessScar
- AllInOneYoungGeraltV2OriginalScar
(and more)

If you used the old separate version and somehow Geralt face revert back to his old self, please download 'AllInOne' version instead.

No more update guys. I've stopped modding this game.

btw if you're having trouble getting it to work, maybe try rename the folder by putting 'a' between 'mod' and 'Young...'
It will looks like this for example. modaYoungGeraltV2OriScarEyelinerAllInOne
It works for some people.


Choose only one version, extract the file and put the whole folder into your "yourgamepath\The Witcher 3 Wild Hunt\Mods" folder.
(create 'Mods' folder if you do not have it)

*Requires at least Patch v1.08
*Conflicts with any mod that modifies Geralt's face textures

************ OLD Description **************
Just make this mod for fun. I swapped Geralt’s face textures with Ciri’s and did some retexturing.
Now we’ve got an incredibly young and pretty Geralt. xD

  • I didn't make all-in-one version because the file will be too big and the game loading slower while you didn't even use all textures. So I made 3 separate version of Geralt face texture; Base game, Tattoo, Heart of Stone Mark (HOS). Just choose the version your game's using. (I left out a shaving scene because it's just for one scene only.) 
  • For Heart of Stone DLC use: Base game + HOS or Tattoo + HOS
  • This mod was made and tested on Patch 1.11 + All dlc + HOS


*** Only use it if you don’t mind the extreme lore-breaking. lol


Please go through this list if you're confused on what to download or why the texture won't show up. It's probably you're downloading the wrong file that doesn't match Geralt face texture on your game. Or I simply didn't cover every versions for all types of Geralt face. :p

Replaces Base game face texture
V1 (eyeliner)
V2 Revised 
modYoungGeraltV2OriginalScarMark -
with HOS mark
modYoungerGeraltOriginalScar - 25yrs later
modYoungerGeraltMoreScar - 25yrs later

modYoungerGeraltOriLessScar - 25yrs later without a big scar on the left eye

Replaces Tattoo face texture
modYoungGeraltTattoo - V1 (NO Tattoo texture)
modYoungGeraltV2Tattoo2 - V2 Revised (NO Tattoo texture)
modYoungGeraltV2TattooOriginalScar - V2 Revised with Original Scar (NO Tattoo texture)

Replaces HOS face texture
modYoungGeraltHOS - V1 (NO HOS Mark texture)
modYoungGeraltV2HOS2 - V2 Revised (NO HOS Mark texture)
modYoungGeraltV2HOSOriginalScar - V2 Revised with Original Scar (NO HOS Mark texture)
modYoungGeraltV2HOSOriginalScarMark - V2 Revised with Original Scar & HOS Mark texture
modYoungerGeraltHOSOriginalScarMark - 25yrs later with HOS Mark texture

Replaces HOS+Tattoo face texture
modYoungGeraltV1HOSTattoo - V1 (NO HOS Mark/Tattoo texture)

----------------Current working on this one. He looks so...idk xD **V2 Revised Now Available!**

Look alright with a beard (I think)

Update 8 Nov 2015
V2 Revised Geralt Original Scar

Modded vs Vanilla

Update 10 Nov 2015
V2 Geralt Original Scar & HOS Mark

Update 10 Nov 2015
Younger Geralt ...more like 25 years later

Update 22 Nov 2015

you know, some chicks dig guys who wear guyliner. xD