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  1. sjbox
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    New Major Update:
    The mod no longer needs modified files, meaning the file size of the mod is extremely tiny now.
    There is now an in-game menu for customization!
    There's an Ultra mode setting in the menu; this has a big performance hit in crowded cities. However it also unlocks certain objects to have significantly larger draw distances and lod.

    Because the mod no longer relies on the manual file modifications, the chances for bugs/conflicts have gone down dramatically.
    Still, random issues can still occur, feel free to report them.

    Known issues:
    Sometimes the mod crashes the game when loading specific Saves.

  2. Zoshin511
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    People are shorter for this mod to work, you need to install the old version of the mod modBootstrap-v0.1-scripthooked which is at the very bottom, and then follow the instructions
  3. ZeXXaL
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    I tried the mod and it's good but had to uninstall it because i preferred the game without it. But after uninstalling the mod, The mod menu still exists in my game options. how do i get rid of it ? can someone guide me ?
  4. mwalikhan
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    Error [modbootstrap-registry]local\ syntax error, unexpected $undefined, expecting TOKEN_FUNCTION, near '/'
  5. Marcin89PL
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    Somebody knows how to update this mod?
  6. adesol1488
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    When I fast travel anywhere all the buildings disappear on my arrival, but the funny fact that if I switch to Ansel (alt+F2) I can see those buildings and then I switch back to playing mode and they are gone. It fixes itself with realoading a save, but I can't really save and load every time after I fast travel. Anyone encountered this kind of problem?

    upd: it happens with ultra draw distance checked box, if I uncheck it then it works like a clock, but I would like to play with ultra draw distance and I don't really know where to start to fix it
  7. therealdealjoe
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    Error [modincreaseddrawdistance]local\ Unknown base class 'CMod'
    Error [modbootstrap-registry]local\ Unknown base class 'CModFactory'

    not working, anyone have a solution?
    1. koray2242347
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      Try script merger mod
  8. StruanNevin
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    Something I noticed after trying ages to get the mod to work is putting bootstrap at the start of mod priorities. I used to w1 hud that requires bootstrap and when bootstrap was lower the list of prioritised mods it didn't work. Bootstrap at the start and it did. So I'm assuming that draw distance is also working its hard to tell as the change is negligible. P. S make sure to use the old bootstrap 0.1 version
    Keep an eye out for scoutbros lod mod it will be better than this.
  9. Kamoto
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    I just wanted to let folks know that this does work with the GOTY edition. As MrChaos333 pointed out you have to use the scripthooked BootStrap.

    The mods menu in the settings is invisible (I haven't figured out "yet" how to solve this). It's between language and credits. Once you select it the Increased draw distance menu should be visible.
  10. NixonPyV
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    There is no mods menu, at least not in the game of the year version so I can't configure the draw distance.
    1. CrazySpark824
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      Same issue. The menu doesn't even appear after I've installed everything correctly. Very strange.

      GOTY version of the game as well
  11. MrChaos333
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    Using The Witcher 3 EE, 1.32:

    this mod does not work at all with the latest bootstrap mod. There is no improvement of draw distance.
    You have to use the old "modBootstrap-v0.1-scripthooked" file instead of the new ones.
    Also mentioned in the FAQ section (5.1):

    Disappearing buildings might also be due to using the new bootstrap version.

    I guess for a lot of people it's a placebo. So they >think< it works, but it doesn't. (This included me until I investigated).
    In addition to that the sliders in the mod menu don't have any effect.
      • member
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      Ha! Thought so.
    2. Frencho
      • premium
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      Thanks, I concur, in-game mod menu sliders have zero effect! Shame, I hope the mod author updates the mod to use the latest bootstrap
    3. BoikoBorisov
      • member
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      But using the old Bootstrap it works as it should? or still not?
    4. TookaFace
      • supporter
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      Yes that work with old bootstrap version