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Geralt will look way more muscular and defined now.

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Geralt will look way more muscular and defined now.
For fitted armors have a look at Geralt on Steroids Armor Refit from Shadowphonic.

content/changelog of Version 5.0

V5 is intended to mainly bugfix V4 and increase or improve some details.

- Improved models/shapes
  • less sharp edges
  • belly no more caved inwards
  • knees no more unproportional thin
  • shoulders/trapezoid muscle more realistic
  • no more clipping issues
  • No more backface culling for undies

- Major improvements in normal map
  • almost no more seamlines (unfortunately those at throat can‘t be fixed without also touching head normals)
  • no more corrupted poligons regarding shading and texture

- Fixed peripheric models:
  • towel at barber or bathing now fit the body
  • weird sword belt deformation in some cutscenes
  • cat 1 armor (belt + clipping issues)
  • chain of wolf medaillon (clipping with neck)

Not compatible with mods that change Geralts body mesh.
Not recommended to use with other mods that change normal maps of Geralts body, this will probably look weird at abs muscle and bring back seam lines at whole body.

This version should work with old and next gen. But I couldn't test this, if not compatible with old gen please report it in bug section.

Info for Experimental version:

This version contains the body, an altered head mesh and also textures. See pictures of Geralt without scars and bald head.
This version is not good playable with armors, therefore "experimental".
   -> Neck will pop out of armors because trapezoid/neck muscle is bigger

Also diffuse and normal textures on head have imperfections and I'm probably not gonna fix it.
Other texture mods for head and body will work if you prioritize them in load order. Only other normal maps not recommended (same as for regular V5).

To get Geralt like in the pictures you have to disable Geralts hair with a mod of your choice, this is not included here.

The face texture here is an altered version of this mod from Fuse00.
Credits go to her! If you like it please also endorse her work!

content/changelog of Version 3.1 / 4.1

- updated versions 3.0 and 4.0 to 3.1 and 4.1 to make it compatible for next gen.

Thanks to Draiamond for helping me out to make it possible even without updated modkit from CDPR.

content/changelog of Version 4

- improved body mesh
- added new normal map for upper body
- ...

Because of the modified normal maps there may occur conflicts with other mods that modify Geralts body.
For example "Geralt less visible face and body scars" by willief23 will collide with this mod.
Of course this mod will not be compatible with other mods that change Geralts body mesh.

To make sure that the mod works correctly you should add following lines to the "mods.settings" in the Documents folder:


content/changelog of Version 3

- added new normal map for legs. They look much more defined now (see pictures)
- added two variants of legs because people asked for. You can choose between lean or strong legs. Only choose one!
- slightly changed shape of arms. Forearm will not pop out of gloves anymore
- reduced chest (and slightly shoulder) size because of many people saying it were too huge
- fixed some clipping issues (some are still there, I don't know why)

content/changelog of Version 2

- remodeled upper body (slightly bigger arms as in Version 1 and improved chest)
- remodeled legs (for usage with and without shoes, calves won't pop out)
- remodeled pants (also changed texture. please notice that I intentionally made the pants look tattered, this is no bug)
- remodeled belt for swords
- remodeled bath robe
- remodeled basic cat armor


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Credits to CDPR for this amazing game!