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Colored map markers for worldmap and mini-map.

Permissions and credits
Replaces worldmap and mini-map markers with some colored variations. Compatible with the latest patch 1.30.


Download and extract archive into "...\The Witcher 3\Mods\" folder (if you do not have Mods folder - create it manually). Supports installation with NMM.

Compatibility with All Quest Objectives On Map

  • If you have All Quest Objectives On Map installed (STANDARD of FULL) you must use the compatible version and give Colored Map Markers a higher priority over All Quest Objectives On Map.
  • If you have LITE version, use the main version of this mod.
  • Don't use both versions of the Colored Markers mod at the same time, don't use the compatible version with AQO LITE (it will break the Fast Travel system).

Compatibility with modBootstrap

  • If you are using Bootstrap and utilites mod rename modBootstrap to something with lower priority (for example modZBootstrap)

Color categories

Original game | Hearts of Stone | Blood and Wine

Boat, Harbor, Sign Post, Roach

 [Alchemy and Herbs]
Alchemist, Herb, Herbalist

 [Shops / Crafting]
Armorer, Blacksmith, Inn, Shopkeeper, Rune Master, Dye Merchant

Barber, Stash, Armorer's Table, Grindstone, Alchemy Table, Bed, Bookshelf, Mutagen work table, Stables

 [Dangerous Places]
Abandoned Site, Bandit Camp, Guarded Treasure, Monster Nest, Monster Den, Person in Distress, Hanse Base, Knight Errant in DistressVineyard Infestation, Vintner’s Contract

 [Surroundings related POI]
Cave Entrance, Hidden Treasure, Smugglers' Cache, Spoils of War, Plegmund

 [Magic related POI]
Place of Power, Portal

Magic Lamp
The Ducal Camerlengo
Geralt's house

Notice Boards, Player Marker, Quest Marker, Race Checkpoint, Unknown Place

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