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Un-potatoed experience - finger lickin'!

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Have  you ever been so done with the shitty 2013-ish quality of the icons of the stuff in the inventory menu, alchemy, crafting or character panel skills?

It looks ass on the bigger, 4k screen so, I've been indeed. 

Couldn't believe that they haven't upscaled the whole GUI to look good on 4k screens while releasing the Next Gen, umph.

Nevermind, here I am. I've unpotatoed - meaning - upscaled x4 all of the icons from the the:

- inventory menu
- alchemy menu
- crafting menu
- character panel

Now, it looks super sharp, super clear and it is now a generally pleasing experience to look at those menus. At last!

Installation is super easy, just drop in to the game folder.

Known issues or limitations of the mod:

- Not every icon has been upscaled speaking of the GUI - some of them are hardwired into the flash files which are the interface native packets (to be opened and edited via Adobe Animate) - I've reached that level and tried to upscale and clear out everything possible, but RedKit is bugged for me and I am unable to reimport modified swf files into the redswf. I've reported the issue to cdpr, but I doubt they ever reach me back. So for now it is what it is. It is still much better than vanilla. If the problem will be resolved, then I will upload a complementary part.

- Due to the upscaling of the icons, they are too big when it comes to the general menu of the 'last items acquired' - game engine does not apply downscaling on it on this screen. However it shouldn't be a huge problem as most of you (myself included) is going to the panels directly from the hotkeys rather than opening the general menu and going out from there.

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