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More sparks, more/better smoke, everything covered in blood, better clouds and fog fx and so much more

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After quite a while and with the new REDKIT released I thought I return to the Witcher 3. I reworked this mod from the ground
up and fixed some issues I couldnt fix back then.

What this mod does:

- Overworked particle effects and shaders for more realisticsmoke, fog and clouds in certain areas and cutscenes/quests.
- Increased particles for rain and snow.
- new particle-fx for appear and disappear animations forsome monsters (ghosts, foglings,Ciri, lessun)
- improved water effects for steps
- added nearly 70 handplaced wave-emitters on the shore forcertain areas (Skellige, Novigrad) --> Update 3.0.2.: waves are darker at night and change brightness depending on sun angle and weather. (during sunrise/sunset very bright, snow barely noticeable. storm very noticeable)

- Player gets heavily covered in blood, enemys bleed ontoground and objects and get covered in blood as well.
- upscaled vanilla blood textures (a lil bit darker thanvanilla)

- every living entity gets wet when raining
- caves appear wet
- added parallax to certain wall materials to give more depth
- most lightsources (candles) cast shadows now
- Better Fur shaders for npcs, hair now moving
- shaders tweaked for monsters:
    -dead whales (tolook more wet)
    -foglings (to lookmore wet and foggy)
    -increased sss forwyvernwings (to look more fleshy and transparent)
- increased deadwhale LOD, so the mesh doesnt morph when youare close to it
- Includes whale animation fix (freezing at a certaindistance) and more watersplash particles.
- Geralts Face gets wet in rain


Drag and drop into the mods/dlc folder
Edit the settings in the rendering.ini (go to bin --> config --> base --> rendering.ini) as follows:



    Q: Is there any fps hit? A: . I didn't notice any fps drop. Q: Conflicts with lighting mods?? A: Give the lighting mod higher priority and there shouldnt be a problem.


    Thanks to CD Projekt Red for making this awesome game and REDKIT :)