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This mod replaces tons of soundtracks in the game with either OSTs from Witcher 1, 2 and even some cut / unused variants for Witcher 3 left in the game files, as well as Gwent and Thronebreaker and some fanmade OSTs.

Permissions and credits
"Finally - some good fucking next gen music mod!" - Gordon Ramsey, if he was playing modded Witcher 3, probably.

Due to the way REDKit and WWise handle the music in the game - as of now - I can't produce seperate modules as in Old Gen. Meaning:
Ambience is the only seperate module. Once the Combat Module releases, it will probably include the ambient module as well. When afterwards the Quest-& Cutscene module releases, it will include ambience + combat as well. So, now you know why I can't make the mod as picky as I'd like it to be but honestly, I'd recommend you to use all or most of it anyway.
If someone knows a way to do it, however, please let me know. Thank you for your support.

Ever since Next Gen was announced, I wanted to overhaul the music in the game once again. I really like the OST of Witcher 3 but personally, I was really missing Adam Skorupa's darker, closer-to-books style which was still used for the game's promotional material (and some internal builds) up until 2013 somewhere.

Now, with the highly anticipated REDKit, it's finally possible to edit music again and even add on top of existing layers of music, therefore expanding the playlists the game has and even editing quest-or cutscene-specific music. And of course REDKit allows for much, much more which will also be very exciting.

So, here it is, the first music mod for next gen on nexus (though technically just second). This mod will be a replacer-only, however, there will be a non-replacer version of the mod in the near future, once this is done. a non-replacer has been released.

The idea is to bring back some real bangers from Witcher 1 and 2 and also utilize some unused tracks in the game files of Witcher 3 (which were most likely composed by Adam Skorupa when he was still working on the project but don't quote me on that) and when the game had a vastly different feel and even story written for it (just look at the trailers from that time and you'll notice what I mean).
The atmosphere is to create a darker, more mature tone that fits the style of the Witcher books and previous games and what CDPR had originally envisioned for Witcher 3 before rewriting and redoing the game in all its aspects until we came to the released product we know today.

Additionally, aside from the new music, this mod also fixes a few issues with the vanilla playlists (namely in Skellige).
Thanks to Ferroxius and glassfish!

(As reference:
Thorn OST, Nyghtfall and Lorkhan OST are referring to soundtracks that were made to replace Skyrim's OST and that surprisingly fit into Witcher 3 very well - at least parts of it.)

The tracks replaced are:



Exploration Day - Returning to the Fortress (Witcher 1), Kaer Morhen & Castle music (Witcher 1)
Exploration Night - Returning to the Fortress (Witcher 1)


Exploration Day - The Dike (Witcher 1), Lamentation (Thorn OST)

NOMANSGRAD (refers to Novigrad & Velen):

Velen North Night - Nocturnal Forest (Witcher 2), A Mother's Grief (Thronebreaker OST), Forbidden Forest (Gwent OST), Nocturnal Forest (Witcher 2)
Velen North Day - Rivers of Life (Witcher 1), A Quiet Corner (Witcher 2)
Velen South Night - Three tracks, according to the name made for Velen (Witcher 3 Cut Content)
Velen Southeast Night - A Mother's Grief (Thronebreaker OST), Forbidden Forest (Gwent OST), Nightfall (Nyghtfall OST), Road to Vizima (Witcher 1)
Velen Nilfgaard Warcamp Day - Unlikely Ally (Thronebreaker OST)
Velen Nilfgaard Warcamp Night - A Mother's Grief (Thronebreaker OST), Nocturnal Forest (Witcher 2), Camp by Night (Witcher 2), Forbidden Forest (Gwent OST)
Velen Southeast Day - The same three cut tracks (Witcher 3 Cut Content), Lakeside (Witcher 1)
Velen Swamps Night - Swamp OST (Witcher 1)
Velen (South-)West Day - A Path Through Ashes (Ash of Gods Redemption OST), three cut tracks for nomansgrad (Witcher 3 Cut Content)
Velen (South-)West Night - A Mother's Grief (Thronebreaker OST), Forbidden Forest (Gwent OST), three cut tracks for nomansgrad (Witcher 3 Cut Content)
Crow's Perch - Do You Remember (Witcher 1), Leo's Farewell (Witcher 1)
Fyke Isle / Mice Island (internal name) / Popiel's tower (internal name) Day - Unused early variant, a lot creepier and foreboding (Witcher 3 Cut Content)
Fyke Isle / Mice Island (internal name) / Popiel's tower (internal name) Night- Unused early variant, a lot creepier and
foreboding (Witcher 3 Cut Content)

Ghost Tree - Dreadforest (Thorn OST)
Oxenfurt - Nothing replaced, just added the vocal variant from W3 OST (Witcher 3)
Novigrad Outskirts / Velen Northeast Day - Dwarven Stone Upon Dwarven Stone (Witcher 2), A Nearly Peaceful Place (Witcher 2)
Novigrad Outskirts / Velen Northeast Night - Vergen Night (Witcher 2)
Novigrad Poor Quarter - An Ominous Place (Witcher 1), Plots and Intrigues (Gwent OST)
Novigrad King of Beggars - Into the Mist (Witcher 2), Plots and Intrigues (Gwent OST)
Novigrad Sewers - The Sewers (Witcher 2), Cave Theme (Witcher 2)
Novigrad Nilfgaardian Ambassy - Unlikely Ally (Gwent OST)
Novigrad Temple Island - The Order (Witcher 1), A Wolf's demise (Witcher 1)
Novigrad Dandelion's Brothel - A Watering Hole in the Harbor (Witcher 2)
Novigrad Suburbs - A Shimmer of Hope (Thorn OST), Peaceful Moments (Witcher 1)
Elven ruins - Souls in Ruin (Witcher 2), Magnus Opus (Gwent OST)
Everect Crypt (Hearts of Stone) - Betrayal (Thorn OST)
Mansion Garden (Hearts of Stone) - Harpy Lair (Witcher 2)


Ard Skellig Day - An unused track from the game files, seems to be an earlier, less idyllic version of "Fields of Ard Skellig" (Witcher 3 Cut Content)
Spikeroog Day - Blue Mountains (Witcher 2)
Elven Ruins - Souls in Ruin (Witcher 2)
Tavern songs - one of them was replaced with the mostly unused Skellige Tavern / Minigames track (which was originally planned when the game still had poker, dice and such minigames instead of Gwent)
Hindarsfjall - A Path Through Ashes (Ash of Gods Redemption OST), Rose Thorns (Thorn OST)


None replaced, added the tavern songs from Witcher 1 and 2 however (Witcher 1, Witcher 2)





- Why should I choose the non-replacer? Why should I choose the replacer version?
That depends on your preference. The replacer has the advantage of being much more concise with its atmosphere change / improvement I mentioned above. It also gives you a better opportunity to enjoy the new tracks that were added to the game. The non-replacer on the other hand has the clear advantage that nothing is replaced, you get to enjoy the vanilla music and the new music, though the atmosphere can vary at times (for instance, the original music that was envisioned for Fyke Isle was very foreboding, very creepy while the music in vanilla is very somber and sad).
You can switch them out at any time during your playthrough too, so no worries about saves being corrupted.

- Why didn't you use more music of Thronebreaker / Gwent / etc.?
I haven't played Thronebreaker or Gwent myself yet, admittedly. I heard a lot of good things and I got recommendations from both games. Ambience-wise I think I'm pretty much done. The other modules will entail a lot of combat music from Gwent, Thronebreaker and others ... that fit into the game.

- Why have both mods on seperate pages?
I felt like it could get confusing for newcomers if I put both the Replacer modules and the Non-Replacer modules on the same page. This - I feel like - is better, once the Combat and Quests & Cutscene module are finished.

- A module for Combat and another one for Cutscenes & Quest music is in the works
- Once the replacer version is done, I'm planning to release a seperate, non replacer version as well
- If possible, I want to try to make parts of the mod more modular
- More tracks (fanmade or official from newer Witcher games or media) might be added

Just extract the Mods folder into the base Witcher 3 folder (the one where the Mods, DLC and bin folder are).

Delete the mod folders from Mods or move them out of there.

CD Projekt Red - For keeping their promise long after Witcher 3 released to release REDKit 3 - in an even better shape than ever before. And, of course, forcreating and updating Witcher 3, despite my personal disagreements with a lot of its creative choices, Witcher 2 and Witcher 1

Adam Skorupa, Krzysztof Wierzynkiewicz, Paweł Błaszczak, Mikolai Stroinski, Piotr Musiał, P.T. Adamczyk, Marcin Przybyłowicz - For their respective work on Witcher 1, Witcher 2 and Witcher 3, Thronebreaker and Gwent

Nyghttones - another amazing fan componist and amazing Thorn & Nyghtfall OST for Skyrim! Check his mod out!

young Scrolls - For his amazing Lorkhan OST, everyone check out his mod for Skyrim!

glassfish7777 - for additional help in figuring some things out and providing fixes for the music system that wasn't yet fixed

Ferroxius - for keeping up with my constant questions and helping me find the right way with implementing the music properly with no cut offs and other issues + finding the cut tracks

Wolven Workshop - For helping mod authors and their distributions in general and creating a good space to talk about
various topics, share experiences, screenshots etc.