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As of version 1.6, there will be separate mods for the body and face, and optional files for toxicity masks, weathered face, eyes, and whiter hair and beard. 

This due to the sheer number of configurations possible. I simply don't have the free time to make all-in-one files for every combination. This also allows for more freedom to customize Geralt to your exact liking.

That said, I do have instructions in the Read Me, for those who want to merge all of the files themselves. If you can't merge them for whatever reason, please send me a PM with all of the files you'd like bundled, and I'll make an all-in-one file for you. I don't want separate files to be a deal-breaker for anyone!


 Important Information 

Please view the Read Me!

I have a step-by-step guide to merging mods using Modkitchen. This is for people who are concerned about reaching the texture mod limit, and is by no means necessary. If you only run a few mods, you probably won't need to worry. (I don't know that we have an exact number for the limit, but I've read it can range from 20 - 40+ mods.) 

There's also a quick tutorial on the CDPR forums that explains the process, and includes a few pictures.

If you have any questions, please feel free to ask me - I'm more than happy to help!

I'm also looking for help in making a scripted installer, to make this a little neater and user friendly. If anyone is interested, please message me! 


 The Goods 


Right now I have three full-body files to offer:

- TW2 is a little more grey than the Gwynbleidd tone, and more closely resembles Geralt's complexion from Assassin of Kings.
- Gwynbleidd is my 'default' skin tone, just bundled together for anyone who doesn't want to mess with extra files. 
- Albino is nearly chalk white, with minimal pink tones. 

These files only include the body and face, so if you want a special toxicity mask, weathered face, or whiter hair, you'll need to install an optional file, otherwise you'll get the game's vanilla settings.


There are two bodies to choose at the moment. No chest hair, and the default chest hair. 

I'm currently working on creating my own body hair for the chest, lower belly, arms, and legs. This will have to do for now. 


There are two main face files: a grey and white scalp. The white scalp is best used with the Whiter Hair optional file, or with another mod which alter's Geralt's hair color, such as Geralt Hairworks Colors and Styles by Rivianbleidd.

Default Options

All of my face files include the tattoo, mark, and tattooed mark settings. Default options simply means you can override Geralt's face to always have them displayed. Whichever default option you select will override any other appearance.

IE: If you use the Tattoo Default, Geralt will always have ONLY the tattoo, even when he's supposed to have the HoS Mark. Just use the main face option if you want his tattoo and mark to show up as originally intended. (You can also use the console command settattoo(1) or settattoo(0) to toggle the tattoo on the main face files, if you wish.)

There are two alternate eyebrow choices: white hair, grey brows; and grey hair, white brows.

These do not have the three default options yet. 

The younger face has a white or grey scalp, alternate eyebrow colors, and the three default options. 

Still working on default options for the alternate eyebrow colors. 

The bald scalp is best used with Curme's Real Shaved Sides Hairstyle or CAPA14's Appearance Menu Mod to remove part or all of the hair mesh. Otherwise you'll still have wisps of hair on the sides, with the bald scalp partially visible. It doesn't look good. 

Bald scalp has default options, white eyebrows, and younger face with grey eyebrows.

Still working on younger face with white eyebrows, default options with white eyebrows.

 Optional Files

Weathered Face Compatibility

Made with permission from Curmie. Changes the norm map to make Geralt appear older. 

Whiter Hair and Beard

Makes Geralt's hair and beard milky white, as described in the books. The non-hairworks beard is as white as I can make it, sadly. 

Toxicity Masks

Changes Geralt's poisoned/intoxicated face. Comes in 3 varieties: veiny, veiny with raw scars, and pale with no veins. 

Cat Eyes

Replaces all Witcher eyes to something a little more detailed and striking.  

 Future Plans 


- Salt and pepper facial hair
- Non-fuzzy bald scalp
- No eye scar 
- No scars at all
- Added leg scars
- Extra hairy body
- Add Olgierd von Everec's head scar
- Add the striga and ear scar to the vanilla skintone
- Tattoo "Caer a'Muirehen, Rivia" and "Gwynbleidd" on neck
- Recreate Geralt's Assassin of Kings face
- Darker grey hair option


- Create an install wizard
- Improved body hair
- Make the non-hairworks beard even whiter
- Create default settings for all of the face options
- Create alternate eyebrow colors for all of the face options
- Create all of the separate files for TW2 and Albino skintones


Got any ideas or suggestions? Leave me a comment! I'm open to feedback!

Feel free to upload your screenshots!


I want to give a special thanks to Curme for getting some Hearts of Stone files for me, and for his permission to add compatibility files for his awesome Weathered Face mod!

I also want to give a shout out to hertores for fixing the dreaded beard bug while I was on hiatus!