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Merchants are now richer. For classic version 1.32.

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** Reason of Creating This:

After going through several mods which add more money to merchants, I am not happy with how they're coded.

Some uses funds multiplier which adds to merchants' funds calculation, which makes it not necessary. Some others have incompatible versions, supporting either very old version of Witcher 3, or next gen version. I didn't manage to find a version supporting 1.32 classic really well, and I just want a simple mod which just makes the merchants richer, and nothing more. So I decided to create my own. 

* This mod is for classic Witcher version 1.32 ONLY. NOT compatible with Next Gen.

Tested with a couple of rounds of buy and sells, and looks like it works fine. Appreciate if anyone would test play and let me know if there's issues.

** It Fixes A Couple of Things (Don't read if no time, it's just for info):

This mod also fixes several inherent bugs with the original source codes:

- The game uses "daysToIncreaseFunds" variable and user's "talk" interaction event with merchant both, to decide whether to add more money to merchant. This will cause an issue, as actual time elapsed can be far longer than "daysToIncreaseFunds", which should be sufficient for merchant to fully regenerate all their money, however in reality, it only regenerates small amount, as it also depends on player to talk to merchant to trigger that regeneration, so 1 talk will only regenerate once. This mod fixes that, by setting "daysToIncreaseFunds" to 1, and whenever player talks to merchant, it resets merchant's money conditionally, if merchants owned money is less than the cap.

- In source code, the "SetupFunds" method uses "AddMoney" to setup a merchant's fund upon entity spawning. This is not correct, or not ideal at all. The "SetMoney" method is defined in source but never used. It is the correct one and expected usage.

- "IncreaseFunds" method will try to reset a merchant's money if it's lesser than its cap conditionally, rather than each time adding a small amount of money times the multiplier, which is unnecessary and proven not very good for gamers experience.

** Expected Behavior In Game (Please read):

There are 5 levels of merchants in game, based on their richness: broke, poor, average, rich, richer.
Their fresh starting money will be now:

0 (broke), 4250 (poor), 8320 (average), 12475 (rich), 16730 (richer).

You'll have to wait for 1 day, for the money to refresh.

For example if you're trading with an average merchant, then the first time you meet him, he should have 8320$.
Then you sold a bunch of garbage looted from some monster's trash hole to him, for a total of 7000$.
So now the merchant will have 1320$ left.
Then you'll wait 1 day at least, then talk to him again. You'll see his money going back to 8320$.

In another scenario, you buy some garbage from the merchant, and his money reaches 9500$ after the trade.
So after you wait 1 day and talk to him, his money will still be 9500$, not 8320$.
Because his owned money exceeds his cap, which is 8320$, so in this case, this mod won't reset his money back.

** To Install & Uninstall:

Just unzip the mod to mods folder. To remove, delete it from mods folder.
* Script Merger is a MUST USE IF any other mods are modifying the file "inventoryComponent.ws" too. Link: https://www.nexusmods.com/witcher3/mods/484

* With this mod, I can finally enjoy the looting garbage and selling in Witcher world, just like what I do in Skyrim. I hope you also enjoy the same.