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A few changes to sprinting including sprinting during witcher senses. Everything customizable.

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THis mod currently conflicts with Immersive Cam 4.0, I'll take a stab at fixing it at a later date.

This mod allows you to customize the way stamina consumption while sprinting works.You can set it so that sprinting while out of combat doesn't consume stamina or so that sprinting doesn't consume stamina at all. You can also change for how long you can sprint before you stamina starts draining.

Also allows you to sprint while you are in witcher senses mode.

Use Nexus Mod Manager.

Customizing this mod is pretty easy, simply go into [content]\scripts\game\modSprintingTweaks.ws and read the instructions.

Modifies the following three files:

If you have another mod that modifies any one of the same files use script merger to sort it out.

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