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Aims to add certain features that I feel the games UI-menus currently lack, like improving stashing, comparing, sorting etc.

Current features: Tabbed inventory when stashing, stash everything, split to stash, repair equipped, compare items in shop/stash, colored

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The patch adds a whole new UI system and this is in no way compatible with it. Even more so, the new UI already has most of the fixes this mod introduced, in some way or another. 


Aims to add certain features that I feel the games UI-menus currently lack, like improving stashing, comparing, sorting etc. 

Current supported game versions: 1.12.x

Current features:

  • Split your item stacks to/from stash.
  • When stashing items you now get the full tab structure in your inventory, and you can stash everything. NOTE: NOT compatible with Stash extended, this mod now makes it not needed. 

Crafting & Blacksmiths
  • Repair all equipped items at blacksmiths.
  • Crafting menu now shows the level requirement under the item IF it needs a higher lvl than the player has.
  • New recipes are shown with a star.

Better comparison
  • Compare items in shop and stash.
  • Items compared now show secondary attributes with green / gray / red text depending on how they compare to the other item. Also compares horse items.
  • Real value and the percentage of the selling value shown when selling items.


Just use NMM.


Thanks to uranhat for allowing me to combine his mods, he is also now a co-developer of this mod since my time is currently very limited. This mod includes Show Real Value by him, and parts of his Better Crafting Menu

A special thanks to orpheus333 for letting me basically take over Stash Extended with this mod!

Known Issues

  • Some strings are NOT localized (Repair Equipped), because first of all I don't speak all those languages and don't want to rely on google translate, and secondly: I have not edited localization files, so the strings are hardcoded. 
  • Individual sign intensity bonus should maybe be shown in red if it is lower than general sign itensity bonus. If I'm correct, for example 10% sign intensity bonus should be better than, say, 8% axii sign intensity bonus and 8% aard sign intensity bonus.
  • Crafting menu lvl requirement shown under items is green instead of red, but currently there's nothing I can do to it.
  • Filtering functions of "Better Crafting Menu" are currently not included, since they were bugged when using it with a pad / keyboard instead of mouse. I'll try to investigate if there is something I have done wrong / if there is a way to fix it.


The mod currently modifies these files:


So any other mod modifying these files could cause unforeseen consequences. First, try using the script merger. If that does not work, feel free to ask help if you want it to be compatible with something, but I cannot make any promises.


I still plan to work with shop and quest journal at least, but I'm not sure what I can do to them. I might also be interested in working with others to combine features from other similar mods. 

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