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Doubles the fps of the GUI of W3 to run at 60fps/48fps. For the Next Gen Update aka The Complete Edition

Permissions and credits
A simple modification to the games redswfs to double the framerate of the UI to 60fps/48fps creating a much more smoother experience.

Due to the nature of flash files, this will mean that any animations or transitions in the UI will now move at twice their original speed. There is no workaround for this apart from redoing every animation which is very time consuming

This concept of this mod is based on the original 60fps GUI mod by MrFlashMode. Do endorse the original mod (

This mod will conflict with most other mods that edit redswf files. This mod should act as a baseline though so give other mods priority over this one

I have made adaptations for some mods that also edit redswf files. The following are supported:
  • All Quest Objectives On Map (Standard and Full)
  • Colored Map Markers (Normal and AQOOM)
  • Sort Everything
  • Slots Slots SLOTS
  • Gwent Redux
  • More Quick Slots and Quick Inventory (Not the optional Quick Inventory file)
  • Instant Gwent
  • Live Bestiary
  • Alchemy

If you are using one of these then download the additional "Adaptations" file, look for the relevant patch and install it into the mod folder. I have marked some folders with "OG Mod Required" indicating that you need the original mod as well as the adaptation

Make sure that the adaptation has priority over both Smooth GUI and the adapted mod

Download the main file. Extract the file from the archive and place the mod in your main directory/mods folder. If this folder does not exist, create it

Take the mod file out of the mods folder

  • MrFlashMode for creating the original 60fps GUI
  • Wolfmark for All Quest Objectives On Map and MQS files
  • DJ_Kovrik for Colored Map Markers and Sort Everything files
  • Zur13 for Slots Slots SLOTS files
  • Majestic511 for Gwent Redux files
  • Crthdr for Instant Gwent files
  • Lim3rz0 for Live Bestiary files
  • SkylineR390 for Alchemy files

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