The Witcher 3
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Update: I realized my mod could conflict unnecessarily with other Triss mods, such as any mod changing her Vegelbud formal attire or Lingerie.  So I cleaned up the files in my mod so that won't happen.  I also added versions of my mod with the hood files removed so it wouldn't conflict with any other mods that changes Triss' Hood.  My mod should only be incompatible with any mods that changes Triss' default outfit and incompatible with any mods that changes Triss' hood if you're using the files with the hood.

My Mod can conflict with "MKM Tiss beauty face and big breast" mod. Just delete the texture.cache file in MKM's Mod to resolve the issue.

You can find the Outfit sans the hood files in the Misc section.
If you plan to use other mods changing Triss's formal attire et al, then please update to the newer files.

A retexture of Triss's default outfit.

You can choose three types:

Black and White with a Black Hood
Black and White with a White Hood
Purple and Blue with a White Hood

You can pick only one to place in the Mods folder.

Download manually and unzip to Witcher 3 Wild Hunt/Mods directory or use nexus Mod Manager