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Makes the coroner from Carnal sins a true higher vampire.

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Ever since Blood and Wine  we know how higher vampires look like. Whenever i replayed the game it always bugged me that the coroner from "Carnal sins" makes quite the intro about higher vampires,then turns into a lousy Katakan. On my latest playthrough i thought i take matters in my hands. My mod aims to fix that,by turning the coroner into a higher vampire. The vampire is level 35 for a longer fight,but with nerfed attack so you can take him at level 25.
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Changelog:1.1-Fixed the loot
                          Added nerfed version in the downloads
Changelog:1.0-Added the death animation from a bruxa.
                          Added silver health bar.
                          Fixed reactions to signs.
                          On death the coroner turns back into human form.

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