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A lighting mod enhancing the SSAO implementation of the game by editing .env files.

Permissions and credits
This mod edits the .env files of the game in order to improve the very bad Vanilla SSAO implementation and aims at bringing better results than the old HBAO+ of v1.32. The mod addresses all game regions but is still a WIP. The idea of the mod is to keep vanilla lighting as much as possible, while giving a more precise AO with less unwanted artifacts.

The DX12 version completely ignores my .env editings. As my investigation goes, there will probably never be any DX12 specific version of the mod.

What's next?
I am going to continue updating the mod if needed or if I find better results.

!! V 4.0 OUT !!
V4.0 is an entire reworking of the mod. AO is globally less strong, and a little bit more correct than with previous versions. I managed to definitely get rid of noisy AO in cutscenes (unless someone finds new issues). I merged again the base game and blood and wine, so there is only one file to download.
V4.0 also corrects low resolution shadows in Wyzima.
Finally, version  3.0 is out!
It includes, as previous version, every explorable region of the game.
Noisy AO has been corrected in all regions, including Toussaint.
The mod is separated in 2 distinct files, one for the game and the DLC Heart of Stone, and another one for the DLC Blood and Wine. Like that, I will be able to update them independently as it was harder to have good results with Blood and Wine.
I have done extensive testings of the mod and haven't found any very noticeable noisy AO regions or cutscenes. However, it will always be more noisy than the default AO, but I have found a good compromise in v3.0.
Thanks a lot to all the people that helped me solve the issues.

Drag and drop the content of the folder into your game path.

Delete all the old files (including the .ini)

  • The mod is not meant to be realistic, it's just here to improve AO and provide stronger AO.
  • My mod is different than just modifying .ini files as it is done in this mod , as this one does not correct the AO calculation (despite being a very good proof of concept of what can be done with .ini settings), which is full of strange and unwanted effects.
  • The mod is incompatible with any other lighting mod that modifies the .env files (I am looking for another way to make the mod compatible with other lighting mods, but do not expect anything in the near future unfortunately).
  • The AO might look too strong for some people (depending on your monitor and display settings), as my inspiration comes from The Witcher 2 as I loved AO in this game, but you can still reduce the amount of AO by tweaking the file jl2iSSAO.ini located in bin\config\platform\pc.
  • The .ini file is here just to increase the amount of AO (and to give you the ability to change it to your taste), and the .env files are here to improve the AO rendering, reducing unwanted halo around objects caused by a poor configuration of the AO in the game (probably to make RT look better).

  • Thanks to this mod for giving me the idea to go further than tweaking the .ini of the game.
  • Huge thanks to rmemr for making this mod: which allows to modify on the fly .env settings.
  • A big thanks to the WolvenKit team for making and sustaining this amazing tool.