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Some of the main characters will settle down at Chameleon after the conclusion of main game story.

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Ever wanted your favorite characters to not disappear from the game after the conclusion of the main quest and have a chance to talk with them again? Now you can. Dandelion has invited some of his friends to stay at his place. It's the party at Chameleon. Requirements for the guests to appear: finished main storyline and completed Cabaret quest.

Full DLC integration, 0 vanilla files, 0 scripts edited, works with all other mods.

This mod is for the Next-Gen version of the game. Click here to download the Classic version.
  • 9 characters will no longer despawn at the end of the game and will always be around.
  • Features a unique daily life-cycle for each of them with multiple actions they perform each day.
  • The default dialogues for all characters are now always available (so, for example, if playing Hearts of Stone after the main quest you can talk with Yennefer, Triss and Ciri about the mark on your face).
  • Some of the guests will bring along some items with them.
  • A small quest will run in the background keeping track of your progress throughout the game (Geralt's lover, the fate of Ciri, etc.) and spawn the guests accordingly. So, if Ciri is dead, she will not be there.
  • Some small easter eggs here and there.

Current list of attendees:


Future plans:
More characters
More actions for daily lifecylces
Some new dialogues

Copy dlcParty folder to your The Witcher 3\dlc folder.

Delete dlcParty folder.

Even though this mod is a DLC, it is safe to uninstall it mid-playthrough as it is not required by save game and all the characters will just disappear from the game like they were never there.

Thanks to my dearest friend paulr0013 for the idea for this mod.