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Mod add more setting in GRAPHIC section, for improve quality...

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The modification adds more settings in the graphics section to match the graphics quality of 2022 hardware :)
The modification adds one to three additional graphics settings (3 for shadows and water).
The modification includes all settings related to display quality and range.
Now we have options for dx11 and dx12
Modification with the highest settings will be most effective in open spaces. And for RT players it will additionally provide unforgettable views over water!

Ready for Game update 4.02!

Detailed specifications

number of background characters   +2 setting.
shadow quality                                    +4 setting.
terrain quality                                      +1 setting.
water quality                                        +3 setting.
foliage visiblity range                         +2 setting.
grass density                                       +3 setting.
texture quality                                     +2 setting.
detail level                                           +2 setting.

UPDATE 1v5 - Important update. Resolves an issue for Extreme settings related to under-reading of building textures in cities.
An even higher setting "AWESOME" has been added for the "2. Extreme-Awesome setting W3 NG DX12" file is only available for a few graphics options. For all files, in the "foliage visiblity range" setting, an option for Automatic Texture Reloading has been added, so that from now on you don't have to restart the game, or reload, in order for the required distance textures to load correctly.

Please note that the most stressful Extreme* setting is "foliage visiblity range" this setting is responsible for the range of visibility of trees, bushes and grass. Another heavy load is "shadow quality" and in cities "number of background characters". If these three settings are left on (Ultra4+) perhaps on weaker GPUs the rest can be set to "Extreme".

UPDATE 1v5b - Add 3 new OPTIONAL* settings for:
- who use ALWAYS max settings in "Ultra4 setting W3 NG DX12". In "Always MAX Ultra4 setting W3 NG DX12" set Ultra+ = MAX setting from "Ultra4 setting W3 NG DX12".-
- who use ALWAYS max settings in "Extreme-Awesome setting W3 NG DX12" . In "Always MAX Extreme-Awesome setting W3 NG DX12" set Ultra+ = MAX setting from "Extreme-Awesome setting W3 NG DX12".-
- who HAVE RTX 4000 GPU series and use ALWAYS max settings BUT u have MESHES problem in NOVIGRAD now u can use "Optional Extreme-Awesome setting W3 NG DX12 RTX 4000series"-
for RTX 4000 GPU "Detail Level" Ultra+ is original game setting, because actual nvidia driver have problem with load meshes in Novigrad when players try use higher values... Recomended check "Extreme-Awesome setting W3 NG DX12 or Always MAX Extreme-Awesome setting W3 NG DX12" AFTER driver update.
UPDATE 1v6 - Add "8. Extreme-Awesome setting W3 NG DX11" set for Best PC machines for DX11. (request)
UPDATE 1v7 - Add new files for 4.01 game ver.
UPDATE 1v8 - Add new files for 4.02 game ver.


After unpacking the archive, paste the "BIN" folder into the main directory of the game. Done!
If you increase the range of the vegetation display, rotate the camera around to reload the trees at long range.

You go to setting Graphic menu and You se two duplicate menus? just DELETE "graphics_ORG.xml" file or "graphicsdx11_ORG" this files is copy original game file.

i use this "3. Always MAX Ultra4 setting W3 NG DX12" max settings in my PC
cpu Ryzen 3700X
gpu RX 5700 XT Aorus
mainboard Gigabyte X 570 UD
ram 16gb 3600  cl16

More XP and Gold from QUESTS
Armour and Weapon Slower Durability Lose

you don't have to, but you can