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Allows users to customize the behavior of finishers, dismemberments, slow-motion sequences, and camera shake.

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LATEST VERSION: Release 12.2 (R12.2)

Now compatible with Patch 1.22 and newer, including GOTY Edition.

If you are getting compile errors on patch 1.10 or later when trying to start the game with this mod (or any other mod) enabled: please look at this post: Click here.

If you are getting compile errors after updating your game to 1.12 or later, download the telemetryKeyword package from the download page and follow the instructions in the included README.

eXTensible Finishers is a mod that aims to give you more control over finishers, dismemberments, cinematic finishers, slow-motion sequences, and camera shake.


Gives you more control over the behavior of combat finishers and dismemberments.
  • Tweak the precise conditions under which finishers and dismemberments trigger.
  • Define your own probabilities for triggering finishers/dismemberments.
  • Choose which finisher animations get played.
  • Choose exactly when cinematic finishers happen.

Adds the ability to trigger slow-motion in combat:
  • Supports slow-motion during critical hits, finishers, and dismemberments.
  • Options fine-tune the properties of slow-motion sequences, including: delay, slowdown factor, and duration.

Control when camera-shake is activated:
  • Supports turning on/off camera shake during critical hits, special attacks, and dismemberments.
  • Tweak the strength of the camera shake effect.

Built to be modular and extensible:
  • Functionality is separated into discrete modules that can be individually installed and uninstalled.
  • The base mod provides an API that makes it easy to write code that interacts with combat damage events, finishers, and dismemberments.
  • The default modules provided in the download packages are only the beginning. You can replace or extend them as needed with custom modules to provide the functionality that you want in your game.


Release 12 and later require Patch 1.21.

If you require a Patch 1.08-compatible version, download the modXTFinishers_PATCH_1.08 package in the "Old versions" downloads section. Note that these files will not receive any future updates.


The behavior of the mod can be customized by editing the config files for each module. The config files are located in the following directories:


Descriptions of what the individual settings do can be found in the comments in the code. For more information, refer to the included READMEs.


Now compatible with Nexus Mod Manager.

The easiest way to install is to use Nexus Mod Manager.

For those who would like to manually install: download the mod package manually from this site and follow the installation instructions in the included README.

For power users:

If you don't feel like waiting for official releases, you can obtain the latest code for this mod here:

Or if you want to use the command line:

git clone

If you use the repo, take note of the following:
  • ALWAYS pull from master. Code from other branches are not guaranteed to work (or even compile).
  • ONLY use code from the dev/ directory if you want the most up-to-date changes. The release/ directory is only updated for official releases.
  • There is NO documentation for anything other than official releases. You can use the commit comments as a pseudo-changelog.
  • None of the files from the repo are configured for "easy" installation. You may have to manually move around files and configure initialization code yourself.
  • Code from the repo can break backwards compatibility at ANY time. Use at your own risk.


This mod makes changes to the following script files:
Other mods that change these files will not be compatible out-of-the-box with eXTensible Finishers. In certain cases, you may be able to force compatibility by copying the lines between the "// modXTFinishers" comment tags in the code into the conflicting script files of another mod.

This mod is not compatible with any other mod that changes the behavior of and/or relies on the detection of finishers, dismemberments, cinematic finishers, or camera shake.


If you installed using Nexus Mod Manager, you can uninstall using NMM as well.

If you installed manually:

  1. Remove the relevant lines in your "mods.settings" file.
  2. Delete the modXTFinishers folder in your "<The Witcher 3 Path>\mods\" directory.


Thanks to AeroHD for the 1.30-1.31 script comparison resource.