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Hey guys here is a mastereffect preset packed together with a number of tweaks to make the game fell more immersive. I was originally trying to give another atmospheric and immersive feeling to the game. I reworked the game's camera angles and colors to make the game look less tinted, and have sharper tones together with neutral colors and tri

Permissions and credits
Version of the mod compatible
with update 1.12 out now

Update 1.5 out now

Fixed bugs and changes:
-Changes the wichersense camera
-Minor changes to all camera angles
-The update includes 2 presets: an improved Original and a new  zero tint Experimental
preset I have been working for a while which is shown on the video below you guys most try..
New angles for all cameras for better immersion and balance
Also features:
New swimming cameras 
new adaptive cameras for stances
New focusmode first person when walking
New more intense Ard visual effects for all collisions
New more intense Igni visual effects
New rebalanced presets
New camera shake intensity tweaks
Better casting cameras 
Improved barrel explosion effects
Much more I don't remember

Visual Immersion Overhaul Final




Welcome guys. here is a Mastereffect preset packed together with a number of tweaks to make the game fell more immersive. I was originally trying to give another atmospheric and immersive feeling to the game. I reworked the game's camera angles and colors to make the game look less tinted,  and have sharper tones together with neutral colors and tried to make it a lot more immersive. I hope you guys like it.  Some of you may be familiar with a mod i made for the game Watch Dogs called Lunayah's Watch Dogs Enhanced Mod, or maybe other skyrim mods.

New Improved original preset version 1.5

The file is ready for download. Let me know if you have any problems. I will also appreciate feedback =)
Changelog 1.1: Reworked bloom softness, sharpness and tones of the presets. Reworked the all cameras and specially combat. now you will
be able to have a better fov during regular combat but when locked to a target things will get more immersive and up close. 


Please know that this preset is demanding, expected FPS hit is around 5-10 with both the preset and the customized graphics setting. The game runs at 45-50 on a GTX 980 with the included Uber Graphics settings. A performance version is included. FRAPS and MSI Afterburner on screen layouts may cause potential conflicts with the preset. You may run FRAPS  only after you have already launched the game, otherwise your game will crash.

Ultimate Lighting Mod Redux  very Important mod to get rid of excess of fog
Darker Nights helps make nights darker. Awesome mod

Increased LOD Really enhances the visuals of the game
The Witcher 3 HD Reworked Project Makes the textures beautiful
No Dirty Lens Effect  Gets rid of the lens flare
Swamp zone lighting mod a Must have


This mod is meant to give you the immersive feeling that the game is missing along with some visual cinematic Changes that should beautifully compliment the game's rendering engine. I managed to reworked nearly all camera angles to make the camera fully dynamic both on foot or when mounted on Roach. I have also made some other tweaks regarding the sign igni in order to make it more intense along with some changes to the character's speed to really make him feel like he is a superhuman and not just some other jogging peasant. I really hope you guys enjoy and if you do show me some love man.  I will be giving you the ability to choose whether or not you want dynamic DOF on your game. I personally cant play without it, but that's just me. The download will be packed with my modified graphics settings which provides graphic details that are far much beyond the original ultra settings in game, nevertheless manages to keep a good balance between eye candy and performance. This preset is meant for enthusiast that are not gonna worrying about loosing around 10FPS off their game. That's right you heard it right 10 motherfuc*ing fps. I personally didnt mind since Im running it on a SLI GTX 980 system.Please be aware that if you can barely run the game this mod wont help your cause. Anyways I hope you guys like the screenshots and I ll be uploading and updating this page as soon as I can with a download link. Also be sure to show some love to the authors shown on the credits section,  after all this mod wouldn't be possible without them


Subtle bloom to resemble the trailers
New balanced color palette
Bokeh DOF,  or Normal DOF
Many others shading tweaks
Lighting reworked so sunlight feels
like sunlight.
Cameras reworked.
Horse and player speeds reworked.
Much more I don't remember anymore...


This preset is  meant to be a  highend preset for enthusiast while still keeping things playable. Well lets just say that I keep a FPS ranging from  45 to 50 on exteriors ausing a GTX 980, a 17 4790k @ 4.4Ghz CPU and 16GB .

Read The included Readme file for additional information regarding installation and recommendations 


If not using the mods included modified graphics settings:
sharpening: off
Gamma: Default 
Anti-aliasing: On
Chromatic Aberration: Off
Vignetting: Off

 Installation For the Mastereffect or Reshade

Subtract the folder and choose which version of the mod you want. Copy the one you've selected to game folder where the game's executable is located.\The Witcher 3 Wild Hunt\bin\x64 Play the game. 

 Installation For the mod

 Copy the folder called  "modVisualImmersionOverhaul" an "modColdColors" to \The Witcher 3 Wild Hunt\mods 

 Installation For the Optimized Graphics settings

Copy the user.settings file to \Documents\The Witcher 3 . 

 Conflict Detector



This mod was created using:
Reshade by Crosire
MasterEffects by Marty Mcfly
weetFX by
Essenthy awesome mods and without his modColdColors my mod wouldn't be possible.
thibaudv Greatest inpiration
pMarK Great inspiration too

This mod is not compatible with any reshade mod, or with any mod that modifies the same core files modified by this mod 

You may used my files as long as you credit me for them