The Witcher 3
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Small mod that let's Geralt use Eredin's sword.

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By request, this is a simple mod that creates a new version of Eredin's sword that can be used by Geralt, with proper animations and placement. Requires the console debug enabler.


Extract the downloaded file to your /Mods folder.


Open the console and type in "additem('Eredin Sword 2')"
(Case sensitive!)


Eredin's sword has no scabbard normally. I made it use the regular Wild Hunt scabbard, but because Eredin's sword is positioned differently on Geralt's back than most swords, it doesn't quite fit. If anyone know of a scabbard that fits it properly, let me know.


This mod modifies def_item_weapons_relic.xml and is therefore incompatible with Relic Weapons Redone, Static Arsenal, or any other mod that modifies these files.