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Animations of some events and interface.
(Classic Edition)

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  • German
For Witcher 3 - v1.31/1.32


1) Adds animations for opening panels.
Such as:
Inventory / Character / Bestiary / Meditations, etc.

2) Adds animations for some events.
Such as:
Getting a quest / Map pins from the noticeboard / Finding a treasure /
Logging a new monster / New recipe, etc.

3) Adds reading animations.
Such as:
Books / Notes / Maps / Pictures.

Some explanations of the options:

"Interface Items" - Changing interface animation Items texture.

"Animations break " - You can choose to interrupt animations (Disabled/Instantly/Delayed).
Interrupting with a delay (about half a second) is made so that you don't accidentally interrupt an animation
(e.g. spamming a space during dialogue) but still be able to interrupt it.

"Animation block" -You can block the animation while holding an item.
For example:  Do not play the animation when holding a torch ( Do not hide the torch ).

"Animation chance" - Is made so that animations do not annoy and are not always played.

You can use this mod with a gamepad.
To get access to additional panels/animations, install "Ultimate Native Controller" mod.
It is recommended to use together with "(Classic Edition) Friendly HUD"
Do not install "UNC" with "W3EE Redux".


1) Unzip the archive container to the root folder of the game (or use W3MM).
2) Use Script Merger to find and resolve conflicts.

Сompatibility patches:

1) Do not use "The Witcher 3 Mod Manager" or any other software to install patch.
2) Make sure that the version of the
CPatch matches the version
of the mod (for which you are installing it), otherwise the work may not be correct.

3) Unpack with replacement "mod_InterfaceAnim" folder over
installed "mod_InterfaceAnim" ( Basic mod ).

4) Use "Script Merger" to find and resolve conflicts.
5) Always select "A" (mod_InterfaceAnim) when merging local files (read more in the patch text file).

LeutnantJoker  For help in finding bugs and some fixes.
yrik1083 For help with testing and finding bugs.
crthdr For help with the w2ent timers.
speartooth For help with testing on the gamepad.
mutantspicy For help testing with "Ultimate Native Controller - NEXT GEN"

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