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Adds 40 Fast Travel signposts to the game (both restored ones intended by CDPR and some placed for convenience).

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Adds 40 Fast Travel signposts to the game (both restored ones intended by CDPR and some placed for convenience). Full DLC integration, 0 vanilla files, 0 scripts, 0 merging issues, 0 patches needed, install it and it just works, with everything and always will.

Inspired by the FT Pack mod made by teiji25, with his permission includes all of his and Murzinio Fast Travel points from their mods. Also includes markers found in the game files that were intended by CDPR with their original restored map descriptions. Furthermore, our BiA writer team has made sure that all the custom added markers get completely new lore-friendly descriptions, giving CDPR writers a run for their money. Some vanilla markers also get improved descriptions with a few extra restored paragraphs.

As the mod doesn't touch any vanilla files it is fully compatible with all other mods that alter the map files like Additional Stash Locations, Brothers In Arms and all others. So no compatibility patches needed.

This mod is for the Classic version of the game. Click here to download the Next-Gen version.

White Orchard:
  • King Desmond Bridge (original idea: CDPR)
  • Barrengarth (original idea: Arkwulf)
  • Crippled Kate's (original idea: teiji25)
  • Crookback Bog (original idea: CDPR)
  • Crow's Perch Courtyard (original idea: Murzinio)*
  • Farcorners (original idea: CDPR)
  • Honorton (original idea: Arkwulf)
  • Hattori's Workshop (original idea: Murzinio)
  • Mowshurst (original idea: Arkwulf)
  • Novigrad Bridge (original idea: CDPR)
  • Novigrd, Gildorf (original idea: CDPR)
  • Novigrad, Harborside (original idea: CDPR)
  • Novigrad, Silverton (original idea: CDPR)
  • Novigrad, The Bits (original idea: CDPR)
  • Oxenfurt Academy (original idea: CDPR)
  • Oxenfurt Bridge (original idea: CDPR)
  • Passiflora (original idea: teiji25)
  • Pellar's Hut (original idea: Murzinio)
  • Sigi Reuven's Batthouse (original idea: Murzinio)
  • Witch's Hut (original idea: Murzinio)
  • Ard Hugtand (original idea: CDPR)
  • Castle Tuirseach (original idea: Arkwulf)
  • Kaer Dhu (original idea: Arkwulf)
  • Kaer Nyssen (original idea: Arkwulf)
  • Kaer Trolde Village (original idea: Murzinio)
  • Melusine's Cave (original idea: CDPR)
  • Snidhall Isle (original idea: Arkwulf)
Kaer Morhen:
  • Chort's Cave (original idea: Mersey)
  • Circle of Elements (original idea: Mersey)*
  • Kaer Morhen Courtyard (original idea: Murzinio)*
  • Kaer Morhen Valley (original idea: Mersey)
  • Trials' Cave (original idea: Mersey)
  • Abandoned Storehouse (original idea: darkraven8719)
  • Bastoy Prison Ruins (original idea: Arkwulf)
  • Doren Alma Estate (original idea: darkraven8719)
  • Lac Célavy (original idea: teiji25)
  • Lazare Lafargue's Workshop (original idea: teiji25)
  • The Belles of Beauclair (original idea: teiji25)
  • Vermentino Vineyard (original idea: Murzinio)
  • Villa Vedette (original idea: Arkwulf)

*Crow's Perch Courtyard, Circle of Elements and Kaer Morhen Courtyard markers won't be available for travel until you do the quests related to their locations. If you load a save game already past those points, they will be automatically unlocked for you.

Copy modFastTravelPack folder to your The Witcher 3\Mods folder (this folder only contains localization strings).
Copy dlcFastTravelPack folder to your The Witcher 3\dlc folder.

Delete modFastTravelPack folder.
Delete dlcFastTravelPack folder.

Even though this mod is a DLC, it is safe to uninstall it mid-playthrough as it is not required by save game and all the new markers will just disappear from the world like they were never there.

Thanks to teiji25 for giving his permission to use the ideas for convenient travel points.
Thanks to Tinnaib for helping figuring out some DLC related stuff.
Thanks to konyme for Czech translation and for help in writing some of the map descriptions.
Thanks to Arkwulf for Russian translation.
Thanks to FreakVIp for Chinese (simplified) translation.
Thanks to Tebeas for Polish translation.
Thanks to SorceressJ for German translation.
Thanks to Pashalsta for Spanish translation.
Thanks to Ocker13 for Portuguese translation.