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Adds over 39 new loading screens, based only on official CDPR concept art, into the game.

Permissions and credits
This mod adds various new loading screens to most locations. Number of new screens, each time picked randomly, per area:
  • White Orchard - 3
  • Wyzima - 1
  • Velen - 8
  • Novigrad - 8
  • Skellige - 8
  • Kaer Morhen - 2
  • Spiral - 1
  • Toussaint - 8

So in total you get 39 new loading screens, spread over the different areas in the game. You will need to install this mod to see them all, as only a selection of them are displayed on this mod page!

Keep in mind each time it picks a screen by chance. So you have a 1/8 chance to a see specific Velen loading screen, each time you load into the game or travel in the region. It might take a while  to see each available loading screen art because of that!

For now, the mod is feature complete. Plans for the future might be to increase the number of concept arts even more and trying to locate offical sources for the Isle of Mists and the Winter White Orchard regions.

You might think, what is different from Pre-Release Loading Screens? The main differences are:
  • My mod rotates between different concept arts for each loading screen
  • My mod only uses offical artworks, but this results in missing support for Winter White Orchard and Isle of Mists loading screens, as I was not able to find offical artworks for them

So if you like support for also new unique Winter White Orchard and Isle of Mists loading screens, or just exactly one unique screen for each area, I can recommend the linked mod. Thanks to the author Schroedinger654 for helping me locate sources for the artworks!
All concept art is extracted from the offical artbook, except for the Toussaint concept art, which can be found here.


  • Unzip and drag & drop everything into your Witcher 3 main directory

Disclaimer compatibility and patches:
  • Yes, this will conflict with any mod, which edits the loading screen ".redswf"s (like
  • E3 HUD&UI, VLAD UI, Upscaled Loading Screens, 60fps GUI, etc.)
  • No, I will not provide any .redswf compatibility patches anymore, even though some of my own mods conflict
  • Exception is 60 fps GUI, as it only takes seconds to do
  • Modding should be fun, it is a hobby. Creating compatibility patch after compatibility patch takes all the joy out of it.
  • I completely understand though, that you might find other mods more important in comparison!

Artwork Credits: CDPR / Andrzej Dybowski
Thumbnail Credits: kaathika_ (Original Artwork: CDPR)