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The modification changes the appearance of Yennefer face. The mod makes it more lore-friendly.

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"A pale triangular face, violet eyes and narrow, slightly contorted lips appeared beneath the black tresses... she had pretty shoulders, a shapely neck and, around it, a blacked velvet chocker with a star-shaped jewel sparkling with diamonds."

The Last Wish 
Andrzej Sapkowski

Important: The mod is compatible with the latest version of the game (NGV 4.03).

🛈 About:
 The modification changes the appearance of Yennefer face. The mod makes it more lore-friendly, inspired by the knowledge from the books and my own imaginations of character.

1. Download Mod with Vortex or manual.
2. Put mod folder from archive to your game installation mod folder (example: C:\GOG\The Witcher 3 Wild Hunt\Mods).
3. Use only one version of mod.
4. If you are using other mods that change Yennefer skin or model, prioritize the Lore friendly Yennefer face texture mod in Witcher 3 Script Merger.
5. Have enjoy the modification!
6. If you liked my mod, be sure to ENDORSE it and pin a KUDOS. Thank you!

🛈 Notice: I am a beginner modder and am looking for ways to expand my modding knowledge. This is not my first mod but the first mod that I decided to share on Nexus, I will be grateful for any advice and comments. I AM ALSO LOOKING FOR PEOPLE WHO WANTED TO WORK TOGETHER ON SEVERAL PROJECTS BEST WITH 3D MODELING SKILLS. If you are interested in cooperation or have a case for me, write me a private message.

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