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Adds the E3 Runes textures in 4K both the steel and silver sword

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      This mod adds the E3 Runes textures to both the steel and silver swords. The textures have been remastered in 4K resolution using re-baked normal maps. They should work with any sword that uses the default runes (not dwarven/gnomish/elven/wild hunt).


1. Download the file
2. Go to your game directory and place the "mod_E3Runes" folder in \The Witcher 3\Mods\ (if it doesn't exist, make one)
3. Run the game.


1. Remove the installed folder from \The Witcher 3\Mods\

Note: If you are going to post about an issue you are having, be sure to post any other mods that you are using that may conflict with it and your game version and beware the mod limit. For version 1.31 of the game and above.