The Witcher 3
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A compilation of my previous Quen mods. This allows you to set how long you want the Quen shield to stay up, makes Quen block fall damage, and makes Quen stay on during cutscenes and dialogues. Best of all, everything is completely customizable. Includes displaying quen duration as a buff.

Permissions and credits
This mod is a compilation of a few changes which (in my opinion) improve quen. All of the features are 100% customizable by the end-user and can be completely turned off. All the features I currently have are considered finished, however, the mod is still very much being worked on as I will be adding anything I think is useful or suggestions from users.


Quen Blocks Fall Damage

I always thought fall damage in this game was a bit unforgiving and since I didn't want to change it too much I made it so that Quen will block any damage you would've received from a fall. You can set the max height that will kill you when the shield is up to whatever you want and you can set it so that falling doesn't break the quen shield (or set a height that does break it).

Quen Lasts Longer

This will make quen last as long as you want it to. By default Quen will now last 60 seconds instead of the vanilla 30, but this can be changed to your whatever you want. There's also an option for the duration to scale multiplicatively with your sign intensity.

Persistent Quen

Simply makes Quen stay active during cutscenes and dialogues. Off by default.

Use Nexus Mod Manager.

Customizing this mod is pretty easy, simply go into [content]\scripts\game\ and read the instructions.

Modifies the following three files:

If you have another mod that modifies any one of the same files you can use script merger to sort it out.
Checkout the posts tab for some more compatibility details.

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