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Gwent Reformed represents the changes that I believe will improve the vanilla version of Gwent in Witcher 3. Inspired by GwentPlusPlus and Gwent Redux, this mod contains 2 files which consist of 114 updated card textures, newly edited descriptions and titles of cards as well as balance changes made based on the lore of The Witcher series.

Permissions and credits
Hey guys, welcome to Gwent Reformed!




What this mod does:

  1.     Update or replace outdated vanilla cards with new textures, card descriptions and titles.
  2.     Adjust the strength of each card and add abilities to certain cards (you no longer need special cards, but they are still usable).
  3.     Ensure all NPCs and Geralt adhere to the rules of Gwent.
  4.     Relocate cards that don't belong to their current faction.
  5.     Compatible with ALL 60 FPS versions of Faster Gwent and Upscaled_UI Gwent.
  6.     Most importantly, make vanilla version of Gwent more fun to play.

What this mod doesn't do:

  1.     Add new cards as new items. This ain't as big and wild as Gwent Redux. I simply replaced the vanilla textures.
  2.     Restore missing Gwent textures. You are required to install another mod for this.
  3.     Location of Gwent Cards remain unchanged. I don't really know how to edit this. Carried over from Gwent Plus Plus.
  4.     Sound Effects remain unchanged. Again, no clue how to edit this.
  5.     Not compatible with Lucky Gwent (due to upscaled card dimensions).
  6.     Gwent Reformed was never meant to compete with or replace Gwent Plus Plus or Gwent Redux.

For more information on what each card does, open the spreadsheet provided here:

Gwent Card Information  (To view each deck, click on the worksheet tabs at the bottom of the page)

Please go through some of the notable changes below. I made as brief as possible.

Leader Cards

  •  Various vanilla textures have been replaced with new ones.
  •  Each deck has different leaders, kings and queens (mainly for aesthetics). 
  •  Emhyr var Emreis: The White Flame and the leader cards of the Skellige deck remain unchanged.

Special Cards

  •     Naturally, Mardroeme and Skellige Storm cards are playable only with the Skellige deck.

Neutral Cards

  •     Neutral cards have been reduced to 5 cards;  Geralt, Vesemir, Yennefer, Ciri and Villentretenmerth.

NPC Decks

  •     Each NPC  uses a unique set of cards (tweaked by me).
  •     Weaker NPC Gwent players will no longer have Ultra rare cards in their decks like Geralt, Ciri and etc.
  •     NPCs will no longer use less than 22 unit cards. Rules of Gwent is applied.
  •     NPCs will no longer play/draw non-neutral cards of a different faction. Rules of Gwent is applied.

Northern Realms

  •     Triss, Dandelion, Zoltan, Olgierd, Barclay Els, Dennis Cranmer and the Mahakaman Defenders are now playable only with the Northern Realms deck.
  •     Kaedwani Siege cards have been renamed to Siege Operator, Siege Support and Siege Expert respectively.
  •     Olgierd is now a Hero card.
  •     Esterad is no longer a Hero card.

Nilfgaardian Empire

  •     Cahir is now a Hero Card.
  •     Cantarella replaces Puttkammer.
  •     Zerrikanian Fire Scorpions replaces both Young Emissary cards
  •     Gwalter replaces Siege Technician
  •     Isbel replaces Zerrikanian Fire Scorpion
  •     Heavy Zerrikanian Fire Scorpion has been changed to Hefty Helge


  •     Sweers has been moved to Scoia'tael deck and replaced with Ithlinne.
  •     Rotten Mangonel has been moved to Scoia'tael deck and replaced with Aglais.
  •     Rainfarn has been moved to Scoia'tael deck and replaced with Morenn.
  •     Ida is now a Hero Card


  •     Emiel, Avallach, Gaunter O'dimm and his Foglets, and Cow now playable only with the Monsters deck.
  •     Gaunter is now a Hero Card.
  •     Leshen is no longer a Hero Card.
  •     Johnny replaces Botchling.
  •     Naglfar replaces Endrega and is now a Hero Card.
  •     Caranthir replaces Harpy and is now a Hero Card.
  •     Ge'els replaces Celaeno Harpy and is now a Hero Card.
  •     Nithral replaces Grave Hag.
  •     Ulfhedinn replaces Werewolf.
  •     Wild Hunt Warrior replaces Foglet.
  •     Wild Hunt Hound replaces each Nekker.
  •     Alghoul replaces one of the ghouls (originated from Gwent Plus Plus made by NutellaPhreak ).


  •     Olaf and Kambi are now Hero cards.
  •     Artis replaces Blueboy Lugos.
  •     Arnvald replaces Svanrige.
  •     Jutta replaces Clan Dimun Pirate.

Compatibility/Essential mods:

These mods are truly essential for the Ultimate Gwent Experience. Refer to the installation steps if you're having trouble. Just set priorities in Mod Manager. Unfortunately, I don't know how to make it compatible with Lucky Gwent other than downscaling the card dimensions. But that would make this mod incompatible with the latest version of Upscaled UI Gwent (it will work with version 1.0 though).

  •     Compatible with Faster Gwent (60fps version). Get them here:  60 fps GUI
  •     Compatible with Upscaled-UI Gwent (60fps version). Get it here: Upscaled UI - Gwent

Why are you required to download all of these mods?

  •      Faster Gwent (60 fps version) ensures no more sluggish animations so everything runs faster (by 50%) and smoother.
  •      Upscaled Gwent (60 fps version) provides a nice visual upgrade with higher texture resolution and sharper User Interface.

How to install all of them ?

Tested on 1.32. Always use the Witcher 3 Mod Manager to install this mod ! And YOU MUST follow the instructions carefully because if you don't, this mod will not work as intended. Yes, there are a lot of steps but trust me it's worth it!

Part 1:

  1.     If you haven't already, download and install The Witcher 3 Mod Manager.
  2.     Uninstall any other Gwent mods you might have and do it properly as stated by the authors. If there aren't any, skip to step 3.
  3.     BACKUP ALL YOUR SAVE FILES and place them in a safe folder where you can easily reuse them in case things go wrong!
  4.     Your save files should be in here >> C:\Users\Documents\The Witcher 3\gamesaves. ALWAYS BACKUP YOUR SAVE FILES.
  5.     Launch The Witcher 3 Mod Manager. Install RestoreGwentTextures mod (under misc file). No need to set priority.

Part 2:

  1.     Download 60 fps GUI. You'll need these two main files: 60 fps GUI and 60 fps GUI- Adaptations. Do not extract them!
  2.     First install only the 60 fps GUI file. Do not install 60 fps GUI- Adaptations yet.
  3.     Open the 60 fps GUI- Adaptations rar file and then double click the Adaptations folder.  You should see multiple folders in it.
  4.     Keep Gwent Speed folder. You may delete the other folders if you don't need them.
  5.     Open Gwent Speed folder and delete only the Default folder.
  6.     At this point, your 60 fps GUI- Adaptations should contain the modified Gwent Speed and other folders (assuming you need them).
  7.     Launch Witcher 3 Mod Manager and install 60 fps GUI- Adaptations. Set its priority higher than 60 fps GUI you installed earlier from step 2.
  8.     If you use the Colored Map Markers AQO compatible folder, set its priority higher than all the other adaptation folders (incl Gwent Speed, Sort Everything, All Quest Objectives, Instant Tooltips and etc). Refer to the right side of the column in Load Order

Part 3:

  1.     Download and install Gwent Reformed. Set its priority to 0.
  2.     Download and install Upscaled UI - Gwent. Set its priority lower than Gwent Reformed.
  3.     From Step 2, its priority should also be higher than the 60 fps GUI- Adaptations and 60 fps GUI.
  4.     The load order should look something like this : Load Order (open link in new tab, click on the image to zoom in).
  5.     Launch Witcher 3, set Gwent difficulty from the Main Menu to HARD (DO NOT MISS THIS)
  6.     Start a new playthrough or use existing save files that don't contain data of any other Gwent mods.

How to Uninstall?

  1.     Open The Witcher 3 Mod Manager, select GwentReformed and remove/delete it. Don't delete RestoredGwentTextures mod.
  2.     Launch Witcher 3, go to your deck menu and you should be able too see all your cards restored to Vanilla version.
  3.     If that doesn't work, delete my mod, copy all your backup save files and paste them back to your save data folder.
  4.     If you have save files affected by this mod, you are not stuck with it. It will return back to normal if you follow the steps carefully.
  5.     No matter what, you should always have your latest save files safe with you.

Special Thanks and Credits to:

Olnorton, Tinnaib, NutellaPhreak, MrFlashMode, User_53059011, byblomod, Original Artists of all the artworks in Gwent: The Witcher Card Game and CDPR

I do not produce or own any of the original assets contained in this mod. Please endorse all the original authors. Thank you!