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Gives NPC witchers the swords of the schools they belong to

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1) Put the DLC_NPCWSS in the DLC folder.
2) Put the mod_NPC_Witcher_? in the Mods folder.

Additional information

A new game is recommended, but not required (read the first point of known issues).

Known issues
- If the NPCs have standard swords, you need to get to a key point in the quest or to the next quest (where this NPC appears), so that he will re-spawn. This is due to the fact that the NPC has already spawned in the world of the game and the old swords were given to him inventory;
- Swords are present where they shouldn't be. For example, at Eskel and Lambert's drinking party in Kaer Morhen;
- Lambert has a standard silver sword in the cutscene, after killing a Water Hag, when he and Geralt are looking for a boat, and then the scabbard from the silver sword disappears (when they reach the cave, everything is fine);
- Lambert takes standard swords from Trolls, instead of modified ones;
- Vesemir has swords in the prologue in the scene when sleeping on a chair. Also has swords in the "Ugly Baby" quest;
- Eskel has a standard silver sword in the quest "The Battle of Kaer Morhen" (where there used to be a pre-rendered video) and at the funeral;
- The equipped sword begins to hang in the air after the death of the NPC (disappears if it leaves the camera's field of view);
- If you meet an NPC with a mod installed, and then delete it, he will not have swords until he is re-spawned in the game world;
- The "Teigr" Sword becomes unavailable.

This includes:
- Witcher swords of the first level.

This includes:
- Mastercrafted Witcher swords.

LaE NextGen
This includes:
- "Nine-Tailed Vixen" swords for Lambert and "Dol Blathanna" swords for Eskel. This can be used with other versions if you want the other witchers to have their swords changed too. Give LaE NextGen higher priority.

This includes:
- Witcher swords for Lambert, Eskel and Letho out of mod Farewell of the White Wolf. This can be used with other versions if you want the other witchers to have their swords changed too. Give FOTWW higher priority.