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About this mod

A mod which allows the user to set equipped items, signs, potions and more for different enemies and enemy types then activate them using a hotkey or at the start of combat. Spend more time fighting and less time managing your inventory!

Permissions and credits
Combat Presets
The number of times I've had to open my inventory to equip different setups for different enemies at the start of combat was really starting to suck the fun out of actually playing the game for me. I felt like I spent more time in the inventory screen than in actual combat sometimes. With that in mind I created this mod, so that hopefully players can set up their own presets for different enemies and spend more time playing the game and less time hunting for the right oil/potion/bomb to equip.

Current Features
  • Mod is activated when combat is started or via a hotkey.
  • Mod automatically applies the correct settings for the boss monster (or the majority of monsters if there is no boss) in the current engagement.
  • Mod allows users to specify which bombs, potions, and sign to equip; and allows the user to specify which potions to drink (it won't let you drink enough to kill yourself though) and which secondary weapon to ready. It also allows the user to set a sign to be cast at the start of battle, however only the basic versions of the signs can be cast this way (i.e. no alternate casts). Settings can be specified for different enemy groups (e.g. Necrophages, Relicts etc.) and for individual enemy types (e.g. Drowners, Nekkers etc.). Settings for the enemy types will override settings for the enemy groups if there is a conflict.

Features being worked on/known issues
  • GUI application to configure settings (currently not very user-friendly). This feature could take some time as I don't currently know any programming languages which will let me create this. If anyone knows how to do this and wants to take it on you're more than welcome.

If you have any more ideas for features please post them in the comments section and I'll do my best to implement them.

To install the mod:

  • Either download and extract using NMM.
  • Or download the mod and extract it to your Witcher 3 install location in the mods directory (create it if it doesn't exist).

Once this is done, go into your <Witcher 3 install>\Mods\modCombatPresets folder. In there, copy the 'bin' folder and paste it in your <Witcher 3 install> directory. Now go back to your <Witcher 3 install>\Mods\modCombatPresets folder and open the user.settings.part.txt file you'll see there. Copy all the text in there and paste it into your user.settings file, which you can find in My Documents\The Witcher 3.

Setup and configuration
To set up the hotkey, you will need to open your input.settings file which can be found in My Documents/The Witcher 3/. Under the [Combat] heading, paste in the text below:


After this, open your <Witcher 3 install>\bin\config\r4game\user_config_matrix\pc\input.xml file and paste the following text into the file above the <!-- [BASE_CharacterMovement] --> line 

<!-- modCombatPresets begin -->
<Var builder="Input" id="CombatPresets" displayName="CombatPresets" displayType="INPUTPC" actions="CombatPresets" />
<!-- modCombatPresets end -->

This will let you customise your CombatPresets hotkey from the in-game keybindings menu

You will also find some other options in the Options -> Mods -> Combat Presets menu in-game

To configure the mod is complicated at the moment (I am working on a GUI which will handle it but it could take some time). You will need to go into the mod files and open the file, which is located in modCombatPresets/content/scripts/game/mod. Further instructions can be found in the file. You will also need the readme file which can be found on the readme tab.

Compatibility with other mods
If you are having problems running this mod alongside other mods, first try using the Script Merger tool by AnotherSymbiote which can be found on the Nexus. Honestly I recommend running this tool anytime you install a new mod as it can fix most compatibility issues you might come across. If that doesn't fix your problem post here and I'll look into it.

CDPR for the game and mod tools!