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A creative conceptual overhaul that completely reimagines Gwent and fully detaches it from the world of the Witcher.

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The idea of Geralt going around collecting cards of himself and his friends is extremely awkward and unimmersive to me. If anyone else out there feels the same, welcome.

This mod redoes Gwent to have nothing to do with the witcher's world while changing up all the details, stats, and general integration of the card game. The pacing of the turns has been drastically sped up as well.


There are 5 factions available from the start of the game.

You will receive near-full decks for all factions, which means you don't need to rely on one particular deck from the start.

The remaining cards can be acquired by winning games, completing quests, and visiting merchants. Many extra cards to strengthen your decks can be bought or won along the way.

There are no neutral cards. Every faction has its own special cards.


Each faction has a unique visual theme and playstyle:

Gods and Demons
Melee and siege focus with a number of champion cards and heavy-hitting comrades-in-arms and camaraderie cards.

Elven Guard
Ranged and melee focus with a large number of double agents and several strong rally groups.

Magical Beasts
Melee and ranged focus with several very strong siege cards and a high number of multi-row rally groups.

Guardians of the Realm
High mobility focus with most cards playable on any row, plus several rally groups and strong comrades-in-arms sets.

Northern Mercenaries
Siege and ranged focus with many heavy-hitters and comrades-in-arms groups, plus a transformation focus.


All 5 decks have been evenly distributed to the various NPCs you play.

All NPCs have the same complete base decks depending on the faction they've been assigned.

Different NPCs have stronger decks with varying extra rally/comrade cards or specific guaranteed cards in their hands.

Difficulty levels now only affect NPC AI and not which cards are in their decks.


You can install this mod mid-game without a problem, but for balancing reasons, I recommend starting a new game unless you're just looking to test it out and see if you like it.

Like all gwent mods that alter the base decks, you should not uninstall this from an active save or the missing cards will bork your deck. If you decide to remove it, you'll need to go back to the save where you first installed the mod. I strongly recommend testing it first before proceeding with your playthrough.

If installing the mod on an active game, please do the following when you first load your save:

1. Use the console command fantasygwent (this will add one of every card to your collection and remove some obsolete vanilla cards).

2. Go into your gwent collection and remove/unequip ALL cards from your active decks.

3. Exit the gwent interface and then open it again so that the cards are in their proper place

Do not use this mod with NG+. In fact, don't use NG+ in general. CDPR seems to have added it as an afterthought and it's an unbalanced mess. It's better to begin a new game and just console in whatever gear, recipes, etc. you want at the start.


This is compatible with virtually everything except for other gwent mods (obviously) or mods like W3EE  or Vladhud, which significantly change the gwent interface.


When you get to the Skellige tournament storyline in Blood and Wine, the changes made here will contradict what the characters say in the game, as they reference the "Skellige deck," which has been renamed. Similarly, any scene in which a character has spoken dialogue referencing a particular card or deck (doesn't happen much until Blood and Wine, but may occur here and there) will use different names/wording from the text on the screen. Not much to be done about that and I personally don't consider it to be a huge deal or distraction, but fair warning.


Many, many thanks to PetyaBiszeps, eNoodles, and Fabian for their massive amounts of help with editing the fiendish swfs and teaching me the under-the-hood dynamics of gwent in this game. Could not have completed the mod without their patience and assistance.