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About this mod

Replaces some UI sound effects with a lore friendly, softer version, and suppresses the most annoying and repetitive ones.

Permissions and credits
1. Description

This mod is an attempt to redesign the most annoying aspects of TW3's UI sound effects. Was for my personnal use but I thought some folks would like it.
Over 60 sounds have been replaced or deleted.

Replaced because they were ripping my ears everytime I heard them. I tried my best to offer lore friendly, softer sounds.
Deleted (replaced with a heavenly silence) because the most repetitive ones can become (very) annoying after a while.

2. Installation

Simply extract archive content into your TW3's mods folder. If the mods folder does not exists, create it.

3. Compatibility

The mod should be compatible with any mod which does not edit gui.bnk and focus_exploration.bnk. Therefore it should be compatible with any music mod.
If your other mods have no soundspc.cache file in their content, you should be good. If they do, try to figure out which sound bank have been edited.

4. Optional file

The music can be overwhelming in this game. If like me, you grow weary of it, you can :
- Use my edited version of the excellent Less Is More mod by Cohgent. I added tweaks from users pedrohfranco and Paleforce, which makes it a very balanced experience ;
- Turn down the music volume to the 30-ish. Environment and dialogs will feel a lot more alive, believe me.

5. Recommended mods & credits

I mainly recommend stefan3372 and b1ackbeat's Complete Animations Redux to go along with this mod's sound effects.

Credits to S3ltkirk for using his TW2 sounds (
The mod is partially inspired by Silent UI by ModelsOfBoats

I plan on replacing other sounds with future versions, including crafting sounds and, maybe, gwent.

6. List of edited sounds
Replaced :
- gui\_jingles_\tw3_jingle_new_journal_entry.wav
- gui\_hud_\loot_popup\gui_global_loot.wav
- gui\_panels_\inventory\gui_inventory_other_attach.wav
- gui\_panels_\preparation\gui_preparation_potion.wav
- gui\_panels_\inventory\gui_inventory_steelsword_attach.wav
- gui\_hud_\loot_popup\gui_global_loot_all.wav- 
- gui\global\gui_global_panel_close.wav
- gui\gwint\gwint_v2\gui_gwint_opponents_turn.wav
- gui\_panels_\inventory\gui_inventory_buy_failed.wav
- gui\_panels_\inventory\gui_inventory_read.wav
- gui\gui_potion_activation.wav
- gui\_hud_\loot_popup\gui_loot_popup_close.wav
- gui\_jingles_\tw3_jingle_level_up.wav
- gui\_jingles_\tw3_jingle_quest_failed.wav
- gui\stamina\no_stamina_02.wav
- gui\_jingles_\tw3_jingle_quest_success.wav
- gui\_panels_\inventory\gui_inventory_weapon_back.wav
- gui\_jingles_\tw3_jingle_quest_update.wav
- gui\stamina\no_stamina_01.wav
- gui\global\gui_hubmap_mark_pin.wav
- gui\_panels_\inventory\gui_inventory_silversword_back.wav
- gui\_panels_\inventory\gui_inventory_weapon_attach.wav
- gui\_panels_\inventory\gui_inventory_armor_attach.wav
- gui\_panels_\inventory\gui_inventory_silversword_attach.wav
- gui\_hud_\loot_popup\gui_loot_popup_open.wav
- gui\_hud_\death_screen\gui_global_player_death_thump.wav

Deleted :
- focus\expl_focus_whoosh15.wav
- focus\expl_focus_whoosh14.wav
- focus\expl_focus_whoosh13.wav
- gui\_hud_\radial_menu\gui_ingame_wheel_close.wav
- gui\global\gui_global_highlight_01.wav
- gui\gui_placeholder_sfx.wav
- gui\_panels_\inventory\gui_inventory_drink.wav
- gui\gwint\gui_gwint_game_start.wav
- gui\_hud_\tutorial\gui_tutorial_notification.wav
- gui\_hud_\medalion\gui_ingame_medalion_vibrating_01.wav
- gui\global\gui_global_game_start.wav
- gui\global\gui_global_select_03.wav
- gui\_hud_\radial_menu\gui_ingame_wheel_select.wav
- gui\_common_menus_\components\gui_global_scroll_description.wav
- gui\_panels_\inventory\gui_inventory_drag_failed.wav
- gui\_panels_\inventory\gui_inventory_eat.wav
- gui\_panels_\crafting\gui_crafting_craft_item.wav
- gui\_hud_\warnings_and_messages\gui_ingame_low_health_warning.wav
- gui\_panels_\map\gui_hubmap_zoom_in.wav
- gui\_panels_\inventory\gui_inventory_steelsword_back.wav
- gui\stamina\stamina_filled_v3_002.wav
- gui\_hud_\medalion\gui_ingame_medalion_vibrating_03.wav
- gui\_hud_\radial_menu\gui_ingame_wheel_open.wav
- gui\gwint\gui_gwint_cursor_movement.wav
- gui\_hud_\radial_menu\gui_ingame_wheel_highlight.wav
- gui\gwint\gwint_v2\gui_gwint_using_ability.wav
- gui\global\gui_meditation_click_02.wav
- gui\_panels_\map\gui_hubmap_zoom_out.wav
- gui\stamina\stamina_filled_v3_001.wav
- gui\global\gui_global_denied.wav
- gui\_hud_\medalion\gui_ingame_medalion_vibrating_04.wav
- gui\global\gui_meditation_click_01.wav
- gui\_hud_\warnings_and_messages\gui_ingame_overweight_warning.wav
- gui\global\gui_global_game_start_alt.wav
- gui\global\gui_global_switch.wav
- gui\stamina\stamina_filled_v3_003.wav
- gui\global\gui_global_submenu_whoosh.wav
- gui\global\gui_global_panel_open.wav